Tips to select the best driver updater for your computer!

One of the most common ‘pop ups’ that most of us have experienced whenever we have used our personal computer or even the one in office is “Windows could not find a driver for this device.”

But before you get agitated and decide to do away with your computer and plan to buy the latest one with all the advanced features have you considered any of the following mentioned options?

  • Are you computer illiterate? There are many of us who are not as savvy as others; there is nothing to feel shy about this.
  • Is your internet jack properly connected? If the answer is no, then the fault is not with your computer but the internet connection.
  • Or is your hardware an updated one or are you still using an old version? It often happens that a very old version fails to support the latest drivers and hence you are encountering this ‘pop-up’.

If you are one of those whose problem falls under the first and third category, then you can be tension free as it can be taken care of through automatic driver updaters. The best part of these updaters is that they run on a fixed schedule and will automatically update itself as and when required. All you need to do is click the button and start the process. But the drivers that come with the software is not that useful and you might need to buy a separate one. This is important because:

  • The driver software that you purchase separately can be better customized as per your requirements so that you can scan and update your software as per your fixed schedule.
  • Moreover the software that you purchase separately has a larger database and as such you can add more features than the one given by Windows Update.

Keep in mind that IT companies that creates these drivers need to focus on one thing only whereas Microsoft Windows has so many different things to consider and focus on. Hence they are unable to keep tab of the latest driver updates as fast as these IT companies.

But does this mean that you should rule out the automatic updater completely? Well it depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Are you too busy?
  • Do you want a driver that will do things on your behalf?
  • Are you someone who is impatient by nature?

If ‘yes’ is the answer to all the above mentioned questions then the automatic updater is the correct one for you. Even though most of the driver updaters are free and you are someone who would like to avoid the nuisance of being bothered with the whole process then driver updaters is the right one for you.

Personally I use WinZip Driver Updater and I am quite satisfied with their performance. Whichever brand you opt for keep in mind that it is something that you trust and are aware of so that you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

Post by: Kimberly Littleton is a blogger and recently she writes for jresponse.

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