Tablet Training: Top 3 Word Games to Build Your Brain Stamina

Top GamesYou go to the gym and work out your muscles, but what about your brain? It needs exercise too. What do you do for it? Nothing? Wow – you’re totally missing out.

Don’t worry about teasing your brain. It doesn’t mind. In fact, it loves it. By challenging yourself, you stay sharp, focused, and improve your cognitive thinking.

You also improve critical thinking skills and logic-based problem-solving. Yeah, all that from a couple of games with friends.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a popular online game that’s taken the Internet by storm. Think of it like a virtual game of Scrabble. Now, you don’t have to go throw your dusty Scrabble board away or sell it to Music Magpie just yet. Words with friends takes advantage of multiplayer dynamics where players can take turns building words across a puzzle board.

Players can look up their friends through Facebook or by a username. They can also play with randomly assigned opponents. You can also chat and exchange messages with opponents. So, in a sense, it’s like social media Scrabble, but with a fresh look and a really snazzy interface.

Words With Friends

Be forewarned. This game is really addicting. It doesn’t seem like it, but you could end up promising yourself one game, and the next thing you know, you’re up until 5 in the morning playing. Winning is never the end.

Challenging yourself is the ultimate reward here, and Words With Friends makes it hard to stop, since every game ends with another right around the corner. It even prompts you to play, calling out to you like an innocent, but desperate, high school crush. Just make sure you’re not caught playing during work hours.


Bookworm is a word-puzzle game developed by PopCap. In this game, you join the bookworm, named “Lex,” and link letter tiles to build words. The bigger the word, the more points players will earn. Burning letters throw a sort of wildcard into the game as they could end up ruining the entire game for you and Lex.


What’s cool about this game is that you can rescramble the letters by shaking your iPhone or iPad, just make sure you have a good grip on your iDevice before you do or you might scramble more than just the board.

It’s not free though, which some people don’t like. On the up side, it’s only $1.99.


You won’t be bored with this online version of the popular board game. It’s the same puzzle game you’ve come to love and hate. Developed by Electronic Arts, this game lets you shake your phone and shuffle the dice. Then, you drag the letters around to create as many words as you can in three minutes.


Some improvements over the standard game include “Triple It,” “Halt,” and “Hunch.” You can play with up to four friends over Facebook or in Pass ‘N Play. You can also download the Boggle app from the App Store.

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