Who are the 5 Best Technology Minds on Twitter?

Best Technology Minds on TwitterWhile Twitter is famed and credited for allowing individuals to connect on a level like never before, with so many people gathered in one place it can be difficult to know exactly whom you should be listening to. 

Unsurprisingly for what is essentially a technology website, technology experts form a large part of the Twitter community, alongside the various news sites and blogs related to the industry that are present, too.

This infographic has identified five of the leading voices in the field of technology.  Never again will you need to follow and unfollow 200 people before finding the best one, as we’ve given you a perfect cross-section of individuals that will help you get all the information you need about the technology sector, as and when you want it!  Follow our top five to enjoy the best news, views, and opinion from the leading technology authority figures.

David is a business consultant passionate about helping individuals and businesses understand how technology can make their lives easier.  David is currently researching a number of hosting companies, including JaguarPC, to discover which one offers the best hosting facilities.

Infographic: Best Technology Minds on Twitter

Best Technology Minds on Twitter


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