IPhone Apps to get the Job done

IPhone AppsEver asked why you would be willing to spend your hard earned money on a $649.00 to $849.00 mobile phone when you could just choose from other brand that is a lot cheaper?

How you would measure a mobile phone’s reliability and how important is the stability of the operating system whenever you are on the go?

Clearly, a lot of businessmen prefer a mobile phone like iPhone which is capable enough to aid in accomplishing tasks even when they’re out of the office.

Here are some of the coolest apps for iPhone that help office workers efficiently do their tasks:

1. Roambi Analytics – for people always anxious about “data” and “analytics”this is definitely the app for you. It lets you convert data into graphs or charts for easier illustration. Best of all, it’s free!

2. Addappt – With a hectic schedule throughout the week, sometimes people don’t have the time to update their contacts like phone number and email address. Luckily, Addappt is an app that lets your contacts update their information automatically on your mobile device. It also comes with clever management features for your address book. Your important messages never have to get lost again.

3. Asana – team work is what gets the job done in no time, and it is important that the right tool is used to execute all plans or projects. With Asana, you can easily keep up with tasks or assignments assigned to you even when you are out of the workplace. What is great about this app is that you can build up to 15 people on your team for free.

4. Checkmark – the best way to get things done is to be organized, and Checkmark provides exactly what you need to accomplish all your tasks in no time. This app allows you to setup a reminder based on contacts, time, favorites and even location. It will alert you whenever there are tasks available within the area of your location so you could either pick up some stuff and save time.

5. Clear – another to-do-list app that allows you to manage and keep track of your tasks in a clean and elegant way. With just an easy swipe, you get to check out accomplished task. What’s more? It is so simple to use.

6. Blue Jeans Network – with the power of internet, a conference meeting is no longer confined within the building of a company but is possible even in other locations such as another state or country. Conduct company video conference through different system like LifeSizeTelePresence, Skype, Cisco, Polycom, Microsoft Lync, etc. With Blue Jeans Network, you don’t have to get left out in a conference meeting again. Just use your iPhone and you’re on for the meeting.

7. CamScanner – what will the office be like without paper works? Receipts, notes, invoices, price tags and business cards, you name it. With the CamScanner app, instantly turn your iPhone into the ultimate lifesaver and scan all these documents in a flash. The app is even better because it will definitely make documents clearer and readable. Enhance and crop easily, store and send through email in no time.

8. Audio Memos – For the truly busy kind of person, sometimes having an organizer is not enough especially when you don’t have the time to check on the list of schedules. With Audio Memos in your mobile phone, record meetings and voice memos and everything else is ready for email or upload.

With these business apps available for your iPhone, your entire tasks in the office are easier to complete and manage. Never worry about forgetting appointments, meetings and projects again with the help of these easy to use apps.

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