Major Mobile Cloud Trends

Mobile CloudCloud and mobile are the two key things in present context that are creating a new trend of exclusive services.

With the advent of cloud computing technology use of mobile devices has increased up to an amazing level.

Several mobile cloud trends are being marked up and their consequences are surely to be amplified in coming years. Major of these trends are being discussed here.

Explosive Use Mobile and Handheld Devices

With the rapid increase in telecom service providers across the globe use of mobile and handheld devices increased a lot. In present scenario, these mobile devices are not just a part of telecommunication industry. Instead, they are grabbing an extensive base of executive workgroups of several industries.

Amalgamation of cloud computing with mobile technology offers several gainful features towards successful implementation of business steps. That is why a mass of organizations are moving towards cloud hosting technology. They are giving mobile devices to their employees for official work. This comforts the employees to work anytime and from anywhere, even from their homes. Using smart phones and tablets enables the employees to work with more efficiency. This is going to be quite impactful for business industry.

Wide Acceptance of BYOD Policy

With a contentious start, BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is getting widely accepted among the business owners. Concentrating onto the benefits of this policy, several owners are allowing their workforce to be mobile. This is just not only for better business perspective, but also thinking towards the comfort of the employees. Most of the organizations have started thinking positively towards BYOD and concluded to a common consent that releasing the employees from a tied environment will help them to work with a free mind. Even, it is considered among the employees that working with their own devices will enable them to work from residence also.

Big Data Analysis Goes Easy

Everyday stepping up technology is serving several purposes of business industry. With the same pace, technology is also creating few challenges. Challenges and problems come along with their solutions, provided that the consumer should have a positive attitude. Challenges related to big data analysis is just an example that could be managed well with the synchronization of mobile and cloud technologies.

Managing the huge amount of data goes easy with cloud solutions, as none of the data has to be stored on hard drives of any device. Everything is hosted on cloud servers in a virtual environment. Users just need any mobile device and an internet connection to access their data from anywhere.

Social Network Privacy Issues

Privacy is one of the major issues being faced in the field of information technology. Especially, when it comes to social network, privacy is the most shouted out issue that needs proper management. Cloud-based solutions are making easy and secure availability of social network anywhere anytime. Security and privacy issues within a social network are aptly managed by cloud solutions through a web based platform. Login credentials will be needed to access the personal data from a cloud network.

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