Top 5 Reasons Why Private cloud hosting is Required

Private cloud hostingPrivate cloud hosting is a more effective way of using the cloud compared to dedicated hosting mainly because of the cost, although of course, there are other reasons as well.

With a dedicated server, there is still a need for private hardware to be used if there is a need forprivacy, which can be a burden at times for the enterprise.

On the other hand, it is a better alternative because of five reasons.

1. Security

The first reason why private cloud hosting is required for enterprises is security. Of course, a hosting system is good if it has good security. This includes cryptography, network security, and data protection. This is very important because it allows users to privately store and access data. One such example of this is found in Dropbox. Users can upload and download data on the cloud, provided that they are a member of that folder, or they were given access to the file. Having a private cloud allows users to have a more secure data management, which in turn helps the enterprise maintain data consistency.

2. Virtualization

The second reason why private hosting is required is virtualization. For each cloud server, a virtual machine is required. At the very least, a virtual machine allows enterprises to have a unique means of accessing data. One such example is Intranet hosting. Because of this, companies are able to privatize all data traffic flowing through the cloud in order to not leak any confidential information.

3. Flexibility

The third reason is flexibility. With a private cloud required, users are able to access data, provided that they have access over it. It is ideal to privatize the cloud especially when there is confidential data. At the same time, data will be readily available anytime, anywhere, and is always on-demand. This is especially true in e-commerce and other online transactions. With a private cloud, everything that a user needs to know is within his/her reach.

4. Performance

The fourth reason is performance. A private server will always perform better than public ones because of less data traffic and more features. Public clouds are typicallygeneric, while private clouds are more task-specific and intensive, which is why there is more pressure in improving performance for the private cloud. Bad performance will yield slower results not only for the user, but also for the cloud hosts.

5. Data Redundancy

The last reason why private cloud hosting is required is to reduce data redundancy. A redundant data will take up space, and private clouds work best when data is filtered. Anyone can access public clouds, and even though they are more scalable than private clouds, they are more prone to redundancy. With private clouds required, redundancy is reduced by making each transaction unique, for example.

These are just some reasons that companies and enterprises prefer private cloud hosting. It all depends on the enterprise’s demands and requirements, but in the end, a good cloud hosting system requires a reliable service for the part of the server, which will yield to customer loyalty for the users.

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