Why to choose SIP Trunking?

SIP TrunkingThe recent progression of VoIP based communications has completely metamorphosed telephony and the related industry in the present day world.

This rapid advancement has enabled VoIP to be a popular mode of communication which is heading forward very rapidly and is replacing the conventional telephone services at an alarming rate. The kind of flexibility and reliability offered by VoIP has been the main crowd puller for this service.

These days the corporate giants and industrial organizations, whether big or small, are instilled with an intense desire to adopt the most advanced form of VoIP based communications to make their telephony more effective. Taking a giant leap towards SIP Trunking and integrating it with your traditional communication technology is the best answer to allow you to gain maximum from VoIP services.

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) utilizes VoIP and establishes a connection between company’s Legacy PBX or a new SIP Trunking hardware and Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP). The integration of Public Switched Telephone Network and SIP Trunks through the internet provides the most sophisticated platform to the industries to conduct their communications at a site other than the office.

SIP Trunking provides an instantaneous communication throughout the world by uniting the data, voice and video into a single line. This feature of SIP Trunking wipes away the requirement of additional hardware installation at all the points where the business is located, thus allowing the companies to save money. Besides the economic advantages offered by SIP Trunking, it also provides a highly sophisticated, advanced and flexible communication methodology. Just like VoIP, SIP Trunking offers extremely economical calling charges as compared with the traditional telephonic services.

SIP Trunking provides

Apart from the above advantages, there are other valuable services offered by SIP Trunks which are quite essential for communications related with business:

1. The calling rates offered by SIP Trunks are quite economical. The international calls can be made at the price of local calls. This is quite profitable for the companies which have their business spread worldwide and encounters a plenty of local and international calls daily.

2. The advanced attributes offered by SIP in call handling is also a substantial forte for handling business calls more professionally and efficiently with more personalized solutions.

3. SIP offers the sharing of files and enables the entire enterprise irrespective of its location to work concurrently on a single data. This results in a rapid and dynamic alliance in the company.

4. SIP Trunks also offers features of live communications like instant messaging, online video conferencing, emergency calling and more professional way of working.

5. SIP Trunk ensures an eco friendly way of working. It safeguards the environment from global warming as it avoids the installation of unnecessary hardware and equipments which ultimately result in Carbon emission.

Adopting the VoIP based SIP technology is a major factor these days to be considered by the industries as it offers a much better communication service at an economic rate, thus allowing the business to grow.


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