Protect Your Business Future from Online Theft

Online TheftYou have had your business website for a decade or more, and you have spent that time concentrating on building your business into a successful enterprise.

Your website and domain is well established, and you have a team of professionals that take care of updating and staying abreast with the changing technology.

You get a significant amount of traffic from your site, and you see good returns for your money. It is all going exactly as you laid out in your business plan.

In fact, it is going so well that people are starting to copy your design, your name and your products. They have begun to encroach slowly upon your territory because they are determined to ride your success to their quick buck.

Now, you have to hire a team of lawyers and start trademarking logos and patenting products to ensure that they do not steal everything from you. While most of these things you probably already did when you started your business, you may not have thought far enough ahead to protect your good name. Microsoft can attest to the enormous amount of website squatters that used their name and derivatives of their name to try to trick people into thinking they were actually on a Microsoft site. While those types of problems have diminished over the last 25 years, there are still those individuals who are registering websites in an effort to trick people into thinking they are on the right site.

A recent website was found to be selling a popular software add-on to a shopping cart with a 30 percent discount very visibly noted on the website. When the ‘buy now’ button was pushed, the cart went to the real retailer’s site where there was no such discount. The company that was using a bait and switch had a website that was close enough in name to the real site to go unnoticed. It was also using the graphics from the original site. Google gave this bait and switch site a higher ranking than the actual company website.

Businesses who want to protect their interest will buy up other sites similar in name to their website in order to ensure this type of activity does not happen to them. You can buy domains at to protect your name. Do not stop at the obvious like .org, .net and .info. You should consider .us or .biz and any other extensions that come up in the future.

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