Avoiding Damages caused by Lightning with Special Equipment

LightningThe climate change on earth has had a number of effects. And almost none of them are on the positive side. One such change is the increase in the number of lightning strikes on earth.

It has been confirmed that the number of lightning is increasing with every passing day. According to The Guardian, a research has confirmed that with every passing day, more number of lightning are striking the earth. This is not an extremely great news, especially for the industries. A lightning in a cloud may have a charge of more than a billion volts. It can generate a temperature of around 50,000°C. Hence, it has every potential to damage everything it strikes. It can even claim the lives with the high voltage with which it strikes.

This capacity of lightning to damage properties keeps the company owners on their toes. There is always an effort by these companies to avert the lightning strikes from damaging the industrial properties. This is where the lightning protection service providers offer help to the industries. They provide them with the best lightning protection equipment and procedures to ensure that there is no severe damage to the major instruments of the company.

How Lightning can Damage Your Systems?

It’s very true that lightning can damage the whole industrial system and cause work outage for a long time. But how can lightning cause this damage to the industrial equipment? Here’s a quick look:

Rise in Ground Potential

This happens when an extremely high voltage lightning strike occurs somewhere near the industrial facility. As a result, a high amount of charge is transmitted through the ground. And when it reaches the industrial area, it still has the potential to cause enough damage to the industrial components. Hence, you might find that a lightning strike close by can still be dangerous for the industrial facilities.

Line Surge

The electrical equipment are among the most vulnerable components when it comes to lightning strikes. Many of the electrical equipment has the tendency to fall easy prey to the lightning strikes. They attract the lightning and, in turn, suffer damage from it.

So, what will happen to the equipment at your company if a lightning enters it through the power cables?

The answer is pretty depressing for any company owner. The lightning will have a severe impact on all the equipment and you might find most of them, if not all, completely damaged and destroyed. So, most of the line surges mean that you might have to undergo the high expenses of purchasing completely new equipment for your company.

Direct Hit

Of all kinds of lightning strikes, direct hit is probably the worst one for any industrial facility. It happens when a lightning hits the industrial facility directly. As a result, it causes severe damage to the whole industrial facility. A large amount of voltage runs through the facility. Hence, most of the wires get melted. Moreover, the equipment also go beyond repair at times.

For all these, it is necessary for you to get a proper lightning protection for your company. And for this, it is necessary to go for the lightning protection systems made by the companies offering these equipment.

One of the best ways to fight lightning is to ground the whole charge. For this, the industries need high-quality grounding systems. It can be availed from the lightning protection system manufacturers who are engaged in making different types of instruments necessary to thwart the dangers of lightning strikes. These companies offer lightning protection systems, which provide a low resistance path to the ground for the high voltage of the lightning. In fact, if properly installed, these lightning protection system will also ensure that there is no side flash from it when the lightning strikes.

The use of lightning protection systems are sure to help you in significant ways to ensure that the industrial equipment are in the right conditions even after thunderstorms by thwarting the lightning strikes.

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