Celebrate 25 Honorable Years of Internet with 25 Web Design Tips

web design servicesWithin 25 years, the web world has gone through various changes. Our lifestyle is somewhat dominated by the web.

It influences the way we talk, the way we shop and all the decisions to be taken in everyday life. For commemorating 25 years of internet, let us go through 25 simple web design tips that will help in improving your site.

1. Security – The security of the website is one of the important factors that demands extra caution. Never save data like the credit card or the social security numbers of your customers.

2. Easy Navigation – To make your site user friendly, the layout must be easily navigable and accessible by the target users. They should not find any obstruction or dead ends while moving through pages.

3. Keep SEO in Mind – When you are creating the site, you must keep the SEO factors in mind. Your title tags, page structure, URL chains and the H1, H2 tags need to be SEO friendly in nature.

4. Web 2.0 Blogs – The blogs in your site are required to be informative and user-friendly in nature. The websites can be created by keeping your target users in mind so that they get benefitted by your site.

5. Videos – According to the top reviews available in the web, the videos and multimedia can work well for your business. It is a nice form of showing the activities of your business to your target audience.

6. Best Platform – Choose the best platform according to the requirement of the website. There can be various options like Magento, Joomla, WordPress or Drupal that can serve you with effective functionalities.

7. Evade Long Forms – When you are requesting a quote or offering a product, the checkout forms must be short and sweet in nature. The lengthy and frustrating forms will keep many visitors away from your site.

8. Competitive Analysis – You are always required to be updated about the activities of your competitors. You need to stay at the top and not fall behind.

9. Readable Fonts: You are required to use clear and readable fonts so that the users need not squint to go through your pages.

10. Focus On Target – You will have to focus on your target audience. If you can identify your target properly, the conversion rates will increase enormously.

11. Monitor Performance -You need to monitor the site’s performance regularly. You need to plan and improve your keyword ranking and conversion rates.

12. Marketing Component – As the website is the marketing component, you need to be aware of the brand and focus on the marketing efforts surrounding it.

13. Individual Pages – When you are building the site, you need to concentrate on the individual web pages as the search engine results depend on that.

14. Visual Appeal – Your website must be visually appealing to attract more and more visitors.

15. Industry Leader – In whatever business you are involved, you should be the leader in your industry and actively prove your online presence.

16. Responsive – Your web design must be responsive in nature so that the site can be easily accessed by devices like, tablets and mobiles.

17. Never Flash – Flash websites are no longer in use and decreases the speed of the site.

18. Contrast Texts – The contrast with proper background and the color of the font can make your site attractive.

19. Proper Message – Short messages in your homepage are the gateway to your site. Thus, make it clear and simple.

20. Fresh Content – Content needs to be fresh and regularly updated in your site.

21. Social Media – The influence of social media cannot be avoided. Thus, use the social media platform optimally.

22. Build Trust – You need to build a trustworthy relationship with your target customers.

23. Call To Action – Use call to action buttons like ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Join Us’ etc.

24. 5 Second Rule – Always think about the 5 second rule while building your site. If you cannot hold the interest of your audiences, they will move away from your site within 5 seconds.

25. Future of Internet: As the future is wearable technology like Google glass and pebble, you need to integrate your website with the power of fast adaptability.

These are the top 25 secrets to successful web design.

WriterAuthor Bio:

Robin Carl is the well known web developer. He is sharing his valuable web design tips for the beginners and commemorating 25 years of internet with great honor.


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