Know About the Best Clean up Utility for Mac OS X 2015

OnyX freeware utilityIs your Mac getting slow? If you notice longer load times when you are saving a document or booting up, then it means there are a lot of things running in the background.

Even though your Mac is capable to handle a lot of application simultaneously but it cannot handle too much. Usually we end installing so many applications that it takes up a lot of memory of your Mac. This does not mean you need to be conservative when purchasing applications but rather you just need to be vigilant about current unimportant apps that may be running in the background.

Understanding How to Maintain Your Mac

There are some good maintenance practices that you can follow which includes deleting unnecessary files and cleaning up cache. It can get quite time consuming if you do not know where to look for these files, unless you simply use a Mac cleaner software. A good software will automate the maintenance process. Generally, a good laptop takes about 7 to 10 years before they start having serious hardware problems or they become obsolete. This is a good lifetime considering how quickly new laptops get cheaper and the progress of technology. However, it is important that you keep you Mac performing reasonably fast for these years. There is one application that you can download and it has proven to be an effective program that maintains your Mac safely, and it is called the Onyx Mac.

Onyx Mac

The Onyx Mac is an optimization software developed by Titanium Software. You will probably not find it in the App Store but you can still download it off the internet. The software is free and you can try without worrying about slowing down your laptop even more. In fact, a very light software does its job very well. You will find it very easily when you search for it on Google and when you find the download links, you will have to first check out the Mac version that you are using. Most of us are already running a Mac OS X, but there are versions for each. In case, it is a good idea to be sure which version of the Mac OS X you are running before installing this Mac cleanup utility.


First, you find out your Mac OS X version by clicking on the Apple logo on the upper left corner of your desktop screen. Select ‘About my Mac’ and then you will be able to see what version of the Mac OS you are running. Keeping that in mind, you can download the respective version and go to the folder where it is downloaded. Secondly, follow the given steps:

1. Copy the downloaded file and place it under ‘Applications’
2. Search for the program under Spotlight
3. Run the program like any other app
4. If you need Administrator privileges then log in with your preset password
5. Go through the license agreement if you want and close it
6. Observe the tabs and look for ‘Automation’
7. Go through all the check boxes for the first time, so you know which one of these are important

Ensuring Optimization

Ideally ticking all the checkboxes will delete most of the stuff and will surely make a performance boost to your Mac. However, it is better that you know what items will be deleted because once the files are gone, it is very hard to get them back. Sometimes people would un-tick ‘Automatically saved versions of documents’ because they are more of a convenience than a nuisance. The other thing you need to look for is the stuff that you need while you are browsing. If you prefer to have pre-saved passwords and forms then you need to go under ‘Cleaning’ and then select the ‘Internet’ tab. Uncheck Form Values and Cookies and anything else that you think you need to maintain. Not everything else is commonly needed and you can keep them checked. Finally click on ‘execute’ and wait for some minutes until it is done. You may want to do an errand meanwhile it is taking its own time because under normal circumstances it takes about 10 to 15 minutes. You need to make sure you are not doing anything important when that is going on because it will quit everything that is running in the background to run effectively.

System Optimizationonyx_image2




The Onyx Mac is a good choice among most clean up utilities and you can find more reviews on this online. Finally, whenever you are done with the maintenance process, just give your laptop a restart so that you can make the best of the improved performance.

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