How To Create A Mobile App Business Plan?

Mobile App DevelopmentEvery successful mobile app is the result of good planning and execution. Proper planning makes the mobile app business easier and saves money as well.

Every great app starts from a great idea. Maybe there’s a particular problem that you’ve discovered a new way of solving. Or perhaps you have an idea for a really fun and catchy game mechanism. However, it takes more than a new idea to make a successful app or app development business.

You will need a business plan! Before you blindly start tackling projects and problems, you should take a moment to ask yourself the important questions about what you want to do. These questions will get you to see the bigger picture and help you plan accordingly.


  1. Look at the overall market – What are the most successful apps on the market? Can you spot any useful trends?
  2. Look at the most successful apps – Pay special attention to apps that serve a similar purpose to yours. Do you see room for improvement? Pay attention to details like their marketing and any user reviews.
  3. Talk to potential customers – Your target audience’s feedback is essential and invaluable. It also doesn’t hurt to bounce ideas off to people who may not be the intended customers because they could see things from a new perspective that you had not considered.

Mobile App Business Plan

Build your team

  1. Where do you fit in – What will your role be? What are your personal strengths and weaknesses?
  2. Adding Staff – Will this be a solo venture for now or will you bring people on board from the beginning?
  3. Build at your own pace – Keep in mind that you don’t need to hire everybody at once. It can be a wasted effort to expand too fast, so prioritize according to what your business’s needs are. For example, you will need a programmer to write the app in the first place before you will need a sales department.


  1. Staff – The sooner you bring on additional staff, the sooner you will need investment and/or revenue.
  2. Offices – If you’re working by yourself, you can probably work from home. However, if you’re hiring staff, you’ll also need to have an office. Consider cooperative workspaces as an alternative to renting office space for yourself.
  3. Different development approaches – Will you be building this app from scratch or using a Software Development Kit? Will you take advantage of affordable open source software from places like Git Hub? The answers to these questions can influence the costs of your development process. The mobile app development training you received can give you ideas about different approaches of development. Choosing the right approach is vital for the success.
  4. Choose your platforms – Apps are available on so many devices and OS PMore marketplaces can give you access to more customers, but each store have submission fees. Thus, programming the apps to work on more than one platform can add to your development time and costs.
  5. Marketing – Use what you learned during research. What techniques work for your type of app? Pay-per-click web advertising? High-profile parties and events? Promotional deals with other businesses?


  1. Keep listening to your customers – As more and more people use your app, use their feedback to make improvements and guide the development of future versions.
  2. Keeping tabs on marketing and adjusting accordingly – Pay attention to the marketing cost per new customer. Are you coming out ahead or is the marketing not effective yet?

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