The Best Way To Get Rid Of Old Smartphones

Get Rid Of Old SmartphonesWhether you like it or not, the crazy world of smartphone upgrading is here to stay.

Every year, or in some cases (such as Sony,) twice a year, the newest and latest smartphone from your favorite manufacturers hit the supply line.

Whether it’s the Samsung Galaxy or the HTC One or the Xperia, you’re going to be tempted by a brand new phone by this time next year.

Probably, you’re going to be tempted enough to upgrade. Smartphone technology is progressing at such a pace that if you do upgrade, you’re going to get a much better experience than with your current phone.

That only leaves one problem, however. What do you do with your old smartphone?

This article is about the best way to get rid of your old smartphone. There are a number of options better than throwing it in the trash, so it’s important that you do better than that. That’s why we’re here to help you.

Old smartphones

Trade in Your Phone

Firstly, you’ll want to consider trading it in. A lot of manufacturers and stores offer a trade-in deal for your new phone. If you take this offer, it’s a great way to save money on your new phone whilst also getting rid of the clutter that comes from having two phones. Some places specifically offer deals especially for trade-ins. This is great if you have a phone that tends to have a high resell value, such as the generation of iPhones that are being replaced by the new model.

Of course, instead of trading in, if you have a phone that fits the mold above, you might want to resell it yourself. With eBay and Amazon and now dedicated sites for reselling phones, you have never had more options for reselling your phone. And plenty of people who aren’t trend setters are happy to buy the non-latest model at a discount. Doing this will give you extra money, which is never a bad thing, regardless of what you spend it on.

Charitable Donations

If you are more of a charitable person, then you might want to consider donating it. There are plenty of options as regards donations. Some are especially good for particular causes; you can give phones to the elderly, or maybe donate them so they can be repurposed for the disabled. A particularly good program will ship the old phones off to third world countries. This allows the third world countries to catch up economically without troubling us at all, so it’s great.

Recycle Your Phone

Or maybe you’re environmentally conscious. If so, you can look into recycling your old phone. There’s been a big push in recent years for manufacturers to use recyclable materials on their phones; various governments are trying to go green and massive corporations tend to feel the brunt of these maneuvers. So manufacturers do a great job of making sure their products are recyclable.

Obviously, all of these are prefereable to simply disposing of your phone. Bear in mind if you do still decide to dispose of your phone, you need to contact local authorities because it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to throw batteries and processors into regular trash collections.

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