Should you opt for Free VPN services?

VPN servicesMalware threats are a common problem for businesses, primarily dependent on the internet (and most of them are).

Virtual Private Network coupled with Antivirus can actually offer desired resistance to both known and unknown threats. The specific target computers cannot be attacked by threats owing to the existence of the defensive layer between the computer and the user. A few of the VPN service providers will also offer firewall along with Antivirus and as a result, the risk of attack is lessened to a great extent.

The malware cannot target the IP addresses in these cases since assigned IP addresses block the threats. The combination of Firewall and Antivirus works really well when the antivirus used in the server is different than that used by you— since, antivirus, in general, relies on a number of techniques to resist new threats. So, in an average, the risk of unknown viruses is lessened by around 20 to 25% and that of the known threats is reduced by around 3%.

There are several VPN service providers out there with around a hundred of premium services and 50 Free vpn services as well. Free vpn services, no doubt, are desirable since (of course) they are free. Premium vpn services are much more expensive. However, unless and until you are procuring the free vpn services from reliable service providers, you will be faced with several issues. You can avoid these hassles if you are taking the trouble to get in touch with reliable providers.

Virtual Private Network

What kind of problems can you face while you are availing free vpn services from lesser known (or those without a good reputation in the market) providers?

The free Virtual Network has an indomitable appeal among users, but choosing the Virtual Network Provider randomly can turn out to be quite poor decision. It is said that free vpn services have some immediate downsides if they are not selected with care.

Free VPN in general does not have any server security. Settling for a premium vpn service would ensure that the server is well protected against attacks from hackers. The providers without repute do not really care to invest in a secured server as they very well that they are selling advertisements to hackers.

An advertisement of free vpn services from a not-so-reliable provider can actually be regarded as a fraud. When they place these adverts on the internet, they also place a permanent cookie on your system which actually means that they track your browsing habits and send over more advertisements to you in accordance. There are several hundreds of advertisers securing your browsing history details which again are stored in the advertisers’ server. These servers are exposed to regular hacking — so at the end of the day, it’s the hackers who end up with your data!

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