Microsoft HealthVault Development 101: Health Information Innovation from Microsoft

Microsoft HealthVaultHealth Information Innovation from Microsoft

Microsoft HealthVault (HV) offers a distinctive, feature-packed innovation platform to enable patient and consumer engagement.

The following are a few capabilities available with the platform:

  • Microsoft-based platform to build health information storage and drive innovation
  • Inbuilt functionality to enhanced data provenance, privacy and security
  • Neutrality of vendors
  • Agile health record data type system which enables interoperability
  • Cloud-based services and storage of personal health records for account holders
  • Connectivity of devices

What is HealthVault?

HealthVault from Microsoft is a cloud-based application that enables people to control their medical data. Through HealthVault, you can assemble, store and transmit your health information to members of your family or healthcare providers within the HV system. In addition, HealthVault has formed a connection with many third party vendor products/devices to enable users to better keep track of the health, diet and fitness data.

Microsoft HealthVault

Based on an enhanced privacy and security foundation, HealthVault has built a wide network of application providers, developers and manufacturers of devices who build up innovative solutions for wellness and health. This connected network carries over 80 health and fitness devices and 300 applications in the US today.

Features of Microsoft HealthVault

  • Tools for developer engagement
  • Durability and supportability of interfaces
  • Commitment across platforms
  • Great service redundancy and availability
  • Enterprise footprint
  • Continuous improvement of platform base
  • Recognition of Intellectual Property rights and partner innovations
  • Available internationally

Data provenance, privacy and security

Microsoft HealthVault development stands upon absolute dedication to ensuring security and privacy of information stored by users. Developers building on this platform can make use of this enhanced functionality to tackle the most vital and difficult challenges presented by handling delicate user health information/records.

To this end, HealthVault’s inbuilt features include:

  • User authentication – allows users to log in through Facebook, Open ID or their Windows Live ID credentials
  • User authorization – any application requesting data access to a user’s HV account data must first gain the permission of users
  • User control – account holders have express control over the sharing of their data through direct authorization of applications and people. They can terminate this access at any point. Users can also delete or otherwise change information within their records.
  • Data auditing – inbuilt and available for all users
  • Data provenance – data stored on HealthVault include sources, which applications can use to determine how best to handle information based on the corresponding sources. It also includes elective electronic signature which enable independent data source and integrity verification.

Being under the control of each user, healthcare providers can use HealthVault to transmit information to patients instead of using DVDs, fax, normal and e-mail among other conventional channels. More information about this is available at

The Microsoft HealthVault Future

Vendor neutrality

Because HealthVault is not specific for any healthcare system, provider, technology or device, anybody is free to benefit from and develop on the platform. Users stand to benefit by constructing a portable health record that they fully control. They can choose to share relevant information with health services providers and store data from different sources including consumer applications, hospitals, personal health devices, pharmacies and diagnostic facilities.

It also includes features to enable development of apps that can operate across different platforms and devices, making it a well-rounded solution for any developer or healthcare system in the modern world.


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