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Software testingI have heard many people saying I can’t forget my first job and same is with me as well.

I still remember it was about 11:00 PM and I received a phone call from a spinning industry. They were willing to interview me to join them in ERP team.

I was a fresh IT student and never had an interview before. I dressed up and reached office. My first interview was with Project Manager (Later MIS Manager). He said me to sit in front of him and after formal questions; he started asking me questions related to database management system.

DBMS was one of my favorite subjects during studies and I still remember his first question was “Do you know something about relational databases?” It was quite easy for me to answer him about such questions. I was little nervous but I answered all questions very well. Once he finished his questions, he handed over me some PPT slides and wanted me to study them and then come back to him after 2 hours. Those slides were about machinery maintenance system. Since it was a spinning industry, they needed me to work on CMMS which could improve their overall productivity.

Software Testing

I studied all the slides and came back to project manager with what I have understood after studying those slides. He was not impressed at first but he wanted to handover me some more documents which I should have read. Day passed and the next day, I was called by industry director to have a meeting with him. He did not ask me about my qualification, but he wanted me to tell him what CMMS is and how it can be beneficial. I conveyed my learning to him but I could feel he was not impressed.

He said I am not sure you can do this project, it is quite difficult job. I can give you some other assignment. I said I am willing to do this assignment; else I am ready to leave. He smiled over me and said OK and here he wanted me to learn about CMMS the way he wanted it to be. He was nice young man and he explained it to me very well what he is willing for and how it should work. Once he finished with what he wanted me to learn, he wanted me to make complete data flow diagrams for whole process.

It took me about three weeks to finish them and once I presented them, it got me much appreciation. I was feeling myself confident enough to take a startup. We were now ready to step into software development work and my job was to put requirements to software development team and right after successful development I was also due to implement it. My implementation team was Foremen (machinery maintenance team) who were technical enough for machineries but were not much computer literate.

I was due to train them how to use software and how it can be beneficial for them. Management held many important meetings to motivate Foremen to successfully implement software which was quite impressive effort by upper management and implementation team was also committed to implement new software application, but one of the big problems we faced were bugs and defects which we were facing during implementation.

Foremen (implementation team) were now due to do dual job, they were due to do their technical machinery maintenance jobs as well as they were now due to come towards TPM lab to implement software. Every time they wanted to use software to input their daily routine job and every time they suffered with bugs and defects they wanted to quit the lab with some valuable comments and I think they were right. They were busy people and they did not want to suffer with bugs and defects while they were giving their important time for software implementation.

What we were lacking to our side was that we used to have no software testing department which was very important for successful implementation of ongoing maintenance project. I studied software development life cycle during my studies and I remembered testing was part of it and now during my career life I was understanding importance of it.

What I felt about importance of software testing during implementation of maintenance project that without software testing:

  • I always needed to re-motivate implementation team to implement software every time they found a bug;
  • Dissatisfaction for end users was increasing day by day;
  • End users were always complaining about their waste of time;
  • Every time a defect was found, development team needed to put their efforts again and it also wanted them to revise their coding techniques;
  • Developers were now giving extra time to implement the things with success;
  • Budget assigned to project was exceeding limits;
  • Despite of end user dissatisfaction I was feeling myself with no respect, every time when I needed implementation team to repeat the step again;
  • Stress between me, development team and implementation team was increasing;
  • Stress between implementation project manager and development project manager was increasing.

All of the stated things above are just overviews of what whole team suffered with during successful implementation of project. After few months of all above tensions we started realizing importance of software testing team which ended in hiring of software test engineers. Now things were going easy for us, end users were feeling themselves with confidence to implement software application and now they started passing a good comment which was a motivation for me as well.

I started getting appreciation for whole team from higher management during weekly and monthly meetings. I was sharing my personal experience which I suffered with 9 years back in 2006-2007, at that time software industry was in its early age in my territory. Now days software testing has grown very well and has opened new ways for IT entrepreneurs to setup separate software testing company. We can see that thousands of applications are developed each month and to launch them with user satisfaction, one cannot ignore importance of software testing.

Mobile testing methodology

Despite of that software testing has also opened a new career pathway for IT students. I have seen many people getting into software testing industry known as testing services provider to release software applications with quality. My recommendation for newbie is keep learning more and more about software testing and it is a good career path. There are many ways you can learn about software testing, you can read blog or you can join software testing forums and it will help you in career growth.

WriterAuthor Bio:

Abiabiah is freelance SEO specialist and Software Engineer. Abiabiah is fond of writing articles about latest software technologies as well as methodologies. On the other hand Abiah is working as moderator for software testing forums eiBug.


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