Firefox: New Experimental Private Browsing and Add-ons

Firefox: New Experimental Private BrowsingMozilla is testing new privacy settings in the browser Firefox. Here, the browser should not leave traces of user activity on a computer: no copies in the cache, no traces of your browsing history and cookies.

The new Firefox privacy settings blocks online services that try to track the movement of the user on the Web pages and display contextual advertising.

Thus, Firefox natively does what developed extensions to the browser like Ghostery and Privacy Badger from the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Experimental feature tested in version for developers of Firefox Developer Edition for Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as on Channel Firefox Aurora for Android.

The new feature works so well that, in reality, even blocks a significant portion of advertising banners. Instead, they displayed the inscription “Advertisment”.

Naturally, advertisers and representatives of the media industry will be unhappy, if such a new privacy settings will go into the final release of Firefox. There is a high probability that the Mozilla will have to rethink the algorithm lock tracking online services, because now it is too effective.

“Our hypothesis is that when you open a Private Browsing window in Firefox you’re sending a signal that you want more control over your privacy than current private browsing experiences actually provider” – Firefox developers wrote in the official blog.” – Firefox developers wrote in the official blog.

Firefox Private Browsing

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