Four Best Cloud Storage For MAC

Four Best Cloud Storage#1 Winner – ZipCloud

ZipCloud may not have all the features possible, however, only the geeks would notice that. Some of the ZipCloud features would cost you some extra money, therefore don’t be surprised by this afterwards.

However, even after those upgrade costs, their price plans are very reasonable in comparison to the competitors a lot of whom also have hidden costs. ZipCloud has most of the standard features like bandwidths throttling, scheduled backup, file exclusions etc.

ZipCloud Cloud Storage

This service backs up your content to Amazon’s data centers. To explain it in terms of service quality, we can say that your data is backed up to the BMW of data servers. Netflish, Reddit and numerous other major brands host their data with Amazon and if they can trust them, then why can’t we?

Moreover, ZipCloud stands 100% behind its products and provides an anytime moneyback guarantee. No matter if it’s one month from now or 1 year from now, one can claim for a refund if unsatisfied with their service.

ZipCloud Cloud Storage: Pros & Cons

Pros: Nice price plan, Simple, Reliable
Cons: Tons of upselling, No power user features

#2 LiveDrive

LiveDrive Cloud Storage

Similar to ZipCloud, this service is also based in Britain. The company has come a very long way and has released newer version of their software and website many times. Finally, they realized the issue and dropped their prices around 12 months ago. The upgrades in their system and the low prices have now made LiveDrive the second best data backup company for the Mac platform. At $6 per month for unlimited storage, even their basic package is enough to beat most of its competitors. Their premium packages support multiple devices, NAS drives as well as folder syncing. With unlimited storage of course, these plans cost $12 to $19 a month which is great when compared to others.

LiveDrive Cloud Storage: Pros & Cons

Pros: Reliable, Simple, Instant backup, Great Price
Cons: Lowest cost package is limited to one machine

#3 Dropbox

Dropbox Cloud Storage

We decided to put Dropbox at the number 5 in our list, which though is a pretty controversial option. Dropbox is not completely a backup company and it’s quite expensive as well. However, when we factor in its sharing abilities, as well as the fact that a lot of your colleagues and friends might be already using it, Dropbox is a nice option. You can also get a lot of free space which can increase manifolds if you can refer Dropbox to a few of your friends.

Dropbox Cloud Storage: Pros & Cons

Pros: Great user interface, widely used
Cons: Bad folder solutions, sharing reduces your own space, expensive

#4 Mozy

Mozy Cloud Storage

It charges you a mere $5.99 per month for a 50GB space per computer and $9.99 per month for 125GB space per computer. If one goes for a yearly plan, one can get 3 months free for committing for two years. The most attractive feature of Mozy is that they can courier your data on a DVD through Fedex if you urgently need it somewhere. This service comes at an extra cost but it’s often a lot faster than having to download everything.

Mozy Cloud Storage: Pros & Cons

Pros: Free 3 months storage if package payment paid up-front, Next day air restore
Cons: Not unlimited space, Restore is hard

Though they don’t have any unlimited space option, but their prices are pretty reasonable. It has a set of much more advanced features than Carbonite and ZipCloud which however, sometimes makes it a bit complicated to use.

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The article is written and shared by Gloria Philips. She has written many articles on cloud storage but here she explained about Best cloud storage for Mac.


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