Smart Crowdfunding: Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist

Complete Crowdfunding Campaign ChecklistGrab Your Handy Infographics Checklist

Kickstarter, perhaps, the most widely–known crowdfunding platform, boasts an impressive number of $529ml. in funds attracted during 2014. With over 25,000 of projects successfully funded within Kickstarter thousands of lives have changed once and for all…

Thousands of people have found their path and are now moving forward in the direction they’ve been dreaming about. That’s the beauty of crowdfunding – unprecedented accessibility and almost limitless opportunities.

Today anyone can launch a campaign to power his or her ideas and succeed, even if your idea sounds absolutely weird (well, who would believe a Yo application that sends a single word ‘Yo’ will raise $1.5ml?). And that’s the other side of the coin – conducting a successful crowdfunding campaign is all about synergy of art and cold calculations.

The success of your crowdfunding campaign depends on a good bunch of truly huge aspects and zillions of tiny details. When you first start things may seem too overwhelming, so let us guide you through the jungle of a successful campaign. Help yourself with our comprehensive crowdfunding infographics guide – we have gathered all the must-haves under one roof to ensure your best start.

Everything you should know about pre-launch, launch and post-campaign activities is structured in a handy, checklist-style way, so making sure you move in the right direction becomes even more easy.

Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist
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