Pay Up or Suffer: FBI Moneypak Virus is Cyber Kidnapping

FBI Moneypak VirusFBI computer virus is a type of ransomware or malware. It infects both Windows and Mac based devices.

As per the reports from the 103rd Precinct, the FBI virus operates in such a way that it locks the computer screen or the browser tricking the victims into paying a huge amount of fine.

While the computer is infected, a webpage pops up with an information stating that the user is charged criminal offense for either downloading a child pornography or a copyrighted document. Hence the victim is penalized to pay $100 to unlock the computer screen or the browser. The FBI virus is developed to encrypt the sensitive files of the user for the malware authors to take control over the files and to hold them hostage until the fine is paied by the victim.

This type of virus necessitates the user to use Moneypak cards or any other devices of the same kind. Hence this virus is also called the MoneyPak Virus.

The FBI MoneyPak virus is spread through unknown suspicious websites that has been already hacked. This can infect the user’s computer by means of exploit kits that helps the malware to take advantage of the vulnerabilities of the user’s computer to inject the Trojan without the knowledge of the user.

FBI Moneypak Virus asking for $100
FBI MoneyPak Ransomware

There is also another method to generate this type of virus onto the victim’s system. It does come in the form of spam emails, hence spreading the malicious content through the infected attachment or suspicious links is highly possible. Users are tricked and end up opening such attachments and suspicious links. The email content tries to draw the attention of the users and hence make them curious to open the attachment or click on the suspicious links. Therefore the victim is infected with FBI MoneyPak virus.

Sometimes the virus is installed by the user who misunderstands it to be an useful piece of software.

To protect the computer from MoneyPak Virus infections ensure the use of a sophisticated antivirus software can help the user identify and remove the malware. It is also important to keep any software installed in your system including the security software and operating system updated, avoid the use of an outdated software, as they are the key source of the system going vulnerable to any mode of malicious attack.

Apart from the use of a security software, as a user, it is important to be aware of suspicious and bogus mails that has infectious attachments and suspicious links. Be ever conscious while checking for emails. Do not dare to click on any suspicious mails. Think before you open any mails and its attachments, by doing so you can prevent from the FBI virus infection on your computer.

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