10 Mistakes Ecommerce Websites Must Avoid

Ecommerce Website
The competition among the businesses is all time high, whether it’s it publishing industries, TV channel, web development, or ecommerce.

A billion dollar industry, ecommerce has come a long way with coming age of internet, and there’s a growing competition in the industry. The most important aspect of every business is to understand their customers and their wants. With so many ecommerce platforms available, a customer has very little patience. If they can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll switch from one website to the other in matter of seconds. As told, the competition is growing, which means even the smallest of details matter.

The inclination to shop online is constantly increasing with better offers online, better discounts, multiple payment options, and the freedom of choice. But the primary goal of the ecommerce website is to attract maximum customers and increase conversion rates which can be hampered with the smallest of mistake. Every small mistake can cost website a loyal customer, and of course, with that money. So, here’s the top 10 blunders, that ecommerce websites can avoid to be on top:

#1. Inadequate Photos

The definition of inadequate photos is endless in ecommerce:

  • Pictures that are not inappropriate to the product and are misleading
  • Large sized pictures should be avoided as they take too much time to load
  • Unedited pictures with bad colour definition
  • Low-quality images that lack depth and details
  • Avoid pictures without white background, another way of saying would be, use pictures with white ground
  • Using excess of flash images, that too at a fast pace should be avoided.

Inadequate Photos

#2. Slow Website

No one really has the time and patience to sit and wait for the website to load, on an average 16% people close the website if it takes more than 5 seconds. If an ecommerce website is making $100,000 per day, a 1 second delay can potentially cost $2.5 million is lost sales per year.

Major reasons for slow website are:

  • One of the most common and known reason is unoptimized images, a lot of images which are of full size and uncropped
  • No compression of web pages
  • Although too much flash can add a lot of animation but using too much flash makes the web pages bulky and slower

#3. Non-responsive website

A whole book can be written about the importance of a responsive website. Google has already made the announcement more than once that rankings of the websites will be affected on their mobile search engine if the website is non-responsive. Smart phones and tablet users are almost half of the ecommerce shoppers and even more in some countries.

Responsive and Non-responsive websites

#4. No Visibility on the search engines

An average of 6 billion searches takes place on Google everyday, although the number has dipped since 2014 because of the growing popularity of Bing, and Yandex in Russia. But the mere number should be good enough to give a clue about the importance of search engines. Almost 34-40% of traffic on the website comes from search engines. So, having a high rank on the search engine can drastically lower the traffic on the website. So, do spend time and money on Search Engine Optimization of your website.

#5. Non-availability of Contact Information

The product isn’t appropriate, the product is shipped but hasn’t delivered, the customer needs more information about the product, etc. The list of problems arising from shopping online is limitless and what do you want to do when you’re stuck; call the customer service. So the contact information should be easily searchable on the website. Which brings us to the next point.

#6. Poor Customer Service

Poor customer service can make a customer lose trust in the website to such extent that he/she might not shop again from the website because of one bad experience, and losing customers simply means losing sales.

#7. Lack of Payment options

Customers want flexibility on how they pay for the product and which bank account they choose, the top payment mode is using Debit card and online banking followed by payment from Credit card, and then comes Cash-on-delivery, which is one of the major reasons why ecommerce has become so successful in India.

#8. No return facility or policy

Which sane customer wants to get stuck with the product they don’t even like and its that reason why many people don’t buy a product with no return facility.

#9. Compelling users to register

I personally find this very annoying to fill in long email ID, set up a password, go back to email to confirm, and fill in long details. It’s even worse when a potential customer has to sign-up even before browsing.

#10. Poor Navigation

There’s nothing worse than searching for a product among long list of products, and going through numerous filters and still not being able to find it. The filtering process is a major part of the ecommerce website because today’s customer knows what they want.

Wrap up

Ecommerce have evolved so much over the last few years, and global leaders like eBay and Amazon are a perfect example for you to understand how effective their website, mobile website, mobile app is, and there are more than 10 mistakes that ecommerce websites must avoid. But these above are probably the most fatal ones.

WriterAuthor Bio:

Arya Stark is a web developer working for an Offshore Ecommerce Web Development Company, Xicom which offers a quality ecommerce solutions. So if you are looking to avail the best ecommerce solutions, you can get in touch with her.

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