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Breaking Down MicrosoftBreaking Down the New Microsoft

The software industry and technology in general, never stands still for a moment and unless you can adapt and evolve to these constant challenges, your business can soon lose valuable momentum.

This reflects the task that faces the CEO of a behemoth corporation like Microsoft and a why many industry analysts seem to think that Satya Nadella, the man at the helm and responsible for steering the giant ship Microsoft through these choppy waters of rapid progress and competition, has made some giant strides in a relatively short space of time.

As this infographic highlights, Nadella has made quite a big impression in his relatively short tenure at Microsoft.

His notable changes so far, include introducing a new app called Microsoft Health, which is a device to target new software users into the Microsoft brand and a shift in emphasis to focus more on cloud capabilities and data analysis.

It is hardly surprising that Satya Nadella has hit the ground running though, when you consider that he is a Microsoft veteran with 22 years of service under his belt already, although his appointment itself took the industry by surprise, as a successor to Steve Ballmer was widely expected to be an external appointment.

It is to Nadella’s credit that someone who was already on the payroll at Microsoft for so many years, has managed to make Microsoft feel fresher than it has done for some while and seemingly less concerned with the legacy of Windows than in the past.

You could construct an argument to suggest that Windows Vista turned out to be an unwanted legacy of the Ballmer era, as the operating system seem to consume too much of Microsoft’s resources and left them blindsided by the growing dominance of the iPhone and Android on mobile.

Ballmer dismissed the iPhone in its infancy, only to witness Apple sell seven times more of its product than all Lumia Windows phones in the same three month period.

Satya Nadella appears to have learnt the lessons from the past and seems determined to ensure that Windows retains and enhances its relevancy as a major player moving forward.

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