Top Windows Password Reset Tool

Windows Password Reset ToolHave you ever forgotten your Windows PC login password? How did you get access to a computer which is password locked?

Yes, formatted it or reinstall the operating system can be your choices. But what you have to suffer is the data loss.

How I wish I had a professional and powerful password reset tool when I was once in this trouble. Luckily, today we have the option to use a tool called Windows Password Reset.

100% recovery rate guaranteed!

Whenever we get a password recovery tool, we have this doubt: will it be able to crack my password? Since it is usually urgent to get access to the computer, we require the tool to be high-efficient. Believe it or not, Windows Password Reset, a small piece of software, allows you to change a local Windows password for any account on the local machine. It is highly praised by thousands of users around the world because of 100% recovery rate. Windows password recovery process will be finished easily and quickly with no data loss and file damage at all with the least money & time. I have attempted this on a Windows 7 64 bit PC and Windows 8.1 32/64 bit machine. And I even tried it on a new Windows 10 computer. On all I successfully changed the password and finally logged in to the computer.

Reset Windows local and Administrator password & create a new account

This tool allows you to burn its ISO image to a USB flash drive or CD/DVD and then boot for that disk in order to then change the password of any account on the local computer, including the Windows local account, Microsoft account and domain account. The creation of the bootable disk is straightforward and easy. Choose the OS of the computer you want to reset password on, burn the software on the CD/DVD/USB stick you prepared, or you directly burn the disk with a default ISO image without selecting the OS. Then you will easily get an interface, guiding you to choose the account you would like to change password for, enter the new password and then click OK.

You can also be allowed to create a new account, so that you can login to the locked computer with the new user name and password. This method is especially useful when you fail to change or remove the password. You will never find it difficult to use.

Windows password Key enterprise edition

3 editions to choose freely

Windows password reset has 3 editions: standard, professional and enterprise. Although the standard version has little limits, compared to the professional and enterprise version, you can choose the right one according to your practical situation. The standard version is so cost-efficient, selling at a price of $19.95. If you don’t require it to work with USB drive, you can have this version to try. For those who only have USB, you’d better get professional or enterprise edition.

All in all, the Windows password Key makes it quick and safe to get back your lost login password to a locked computer so that you can gain access to it again.

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