5 Major Hurdles In Creating An Awesome App, How To Overcome Them

Mobile applications 5 Major Hurdles
Mobile applications have become an integral part of life for most of us. Keeping the growing craze of mobile devices and apps in mind, companies incessantly strive to support their businesses with a rocking mobile application. For this, they try to come up with a distinct mobile app strategy that can stand out among the pool of applications already existing in the market.

With various applications launched every day, there is a fierce competition in the mobile world. Thus, a powerful and well-planned mobile strategy is must to ensure a surefire application. However, to front-load an application for success, one needs to steer clear of some common factors that can create performance bottlenecks.

In this article, I have unleashed a few of the common points that can ruin your users’ experience and lead to an app’s failure. Thus, watching out these points can help you develop a superb application. I have also included viable solutions to each point that can help you overcome these hurdles and ensure a quality application. Let’s explore them one by one.

1. Slow applications simply means NO!!

If your application consumes a lot of time to load, there is a great likelihood that it will fail. This is so because the users wait patiently for an application to load only for a few seconds. If an app takes more than a few seconds, users won’t think a second time and will uninstall the application. Thus, all your efforts in promoting your app to attract users will get wasted.

Advise – Make all the possible efforts to make your application load and perform at a lightning fast speed. It is possible that your users are connected to a poor network. Thus, in order to make it certain that your application’s performance won’t get affected by the type of network used by a user, it is better to develop an app that doesn’t need an immediate sign up process, or syncing with a server. Moreover, once the app is installed, it is advisable to allow your users to directly access the key features of the application. This will certainly help deliver a brilliant UX.

2. Color Palette plays a great role…

The colors used in an application are highly important. They can attract or repel users. There are certain examples when an application had gotten a wonderful response in a country and awful response in another. Wondering why? You will be surprised to know that not the functions, but the colors were responsible for that.

This happened due to the fact that colors represent different emotions and moods in different cultures. For instance, white color is considered good in western culture, while it is not considered good in some Asian cultures. Similarly, red color signifies danger in some Asian cultures.

Advise – Developers can’t determine such reasons for application abandonment until it’s too late. Thus, to ensure that your application won’t lose its momentum in the target market due to such reasons, you can conduct surveys and ask relevant questions to your target audience. There is no dearth of effective and valuable online services that can let you instantly fetch the feedbacks.

3. Not testing the application thoroughly…

Testing a product before its release is an eminent step that should not be ignored to ensure its smooth and flawless performance. Unfortunately, it is quite common to observe companies compromising on the application testing strategies, just for the sake of getting into the market as soon as possible. This eventually leads to the launch of a poorly performing application and frustrated customers, which is obviously not good for any business.

Advise – It is recommended to properly test your application across all the targeted platforms and devices. From the smallest mobile device to the largest mobile device, test the overall performance of the application. Check whether all its content and graphics are legible or not, and work according to deliver a prolific user experience across all the devices.

4. Offering a useless Help section…

Including a HELP or FAQ page can definitely enhance the user experience and make a better application. However, the most important thing is to make it easily searchable and informative. If your users aren’t able to read the Help section, it is of hardly any use.

Advise – If you want to design a HELP page or FAQ page, it must be easily accessible from the Home page of the application. Moreover, it must represent the content in an intuitive and impressive fashion, while making it easily understandable.

5. An app with outdated features!

An awesome application possesses the most trendy features and modern functionalities. If your application lacks an appealing design and interactive functions that are in vogue, it might not influence the target audience.

Advise – Look out for the latest trends in the industry and try to offer some distinct features that can entice your target audience. In fact, it is essential to make your application a consistently developing and dynamic product, which is regularly updated with new features. This will surely help you scale up your business and create a profitable application.

Wrapping Up

It is a quite common story in most of the companies that the management wants a marvelous product quickly developed without any kinks. However, when the product is a mobile application, one needs to work more cautiously and diligently while considering various factors beforehand. I hope, by avoiding the aforementioned hurdles and taking the advised solutions into account, one can develop an incredible application. These are just a few points that can help ensure a surefire market success of an app. There are many more points, though.

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