5 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging

5 Most Profitable Niche to Start Blogging
Throughout the years, we’ve seen niches come and go. However, there are niches that were able to withstand the test of time and bloggers of these niches are earning up to $5,000 monthly. Below are the most profitable blogging niches.

1) Health care

Health care is such a broad subject matter so, don’t be surprised to see sub-niches (practice or discipline-based) from time to time. Some of these sub-niches are weight loss, diet, nutrition, and exercise blogs. These are just some of the most profitable sub-niches. The most popular format is answering questions that people have regarding their health, making these blogs highly engaging and interactive.

Perhaps, the reason behind this is the ongoing shift to a healthy lifestyle and ethical consumerism after serious cases of obesity and animal cruelty, respectively, in the 1990s. Also, health care affects all the people regardless of gender, age, race, religion.

2) Technology

Just like health care, technology is a broad niche too. The sub-niches are endless mainly because it is an ever-advancing topic. A blogger can pick the sub-niche that interest him or her the most. The most popular format is reviewing gadgets, apps, tools, etc. There are tutorials, news-like and question-and-answer formats as well.

When blogging for this niche, however, make sure that you know what you are talking about because your readers will know how accurate your claims are. They can always cross-check through reading other blogs. Position yourself as the industry expert to make your blog more successful and thus, more profitable.

3) Blogging

Although we may easily slip blogging as a sub-niche under the technology niche, blogging has become widespread it deserved to be called a niche of its own. Blogging blogs are usually in the form of tutorials. Some of the most common sub-niches are search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, Internet marketing and making money online.

Competition is tough, but there are two things that might separate you from the rest of the mediocre bloggers – serious learning and unique content. You need to learn as much as you can on your chosen sub-niche. You need to learn your target audience (newbies, advanced or both) as well so you can position your contents based on your target’s needs. Make sure that the information you will present to them is extremely valuable otherwise they will easily find another blog that can truly help them.

4) Business

Technologies enable people to start their own businesses; thus, solo-preneurs or e-preneurs are sprouting like mushrooms. While they often have great ideas, they lack the knowledge of how to execute these ideas into profitable business. Sub-niches related to starting and managing the business are popular nowadays. Other sub-niches that are worthy of exploring are how to fund the business and how to write business plans.

When blogging on this niche, make sure that you are knowledgeable of the real methods. Bear in mind that your readers are the discerning and ever-enthusiastic young entrepreneurs (aka the millennials). They are looking for tried and tested methods that can help them in growing their business.

5) Money-related

For this niche, there are also several sub-niches such as stock trading, insurance, online income opportunities and debt advice, among others. These are very profitable niches since the majority of us are looking for ways to improve our finances.

If you want to focus on any of the sub-niches mentioned above, make sure that you have the genuine interest to help others build on their knowledge onward financial freedom. If not, you may not be able to sustain the blog in the long run.

These are the highly profitable niches. It would be better to discover which niche and sub-niche that you are most interested in before you even start blogging. The niche that you want to focus on may not be on the list. The bottom-line is to start a blog on a subject matter that you are passionate about. Put simply, you cannot force yourself to write about something you don’t like.

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Tristan Jasper is a marketer, entrepreneur and a freelance blogger. He’s currently working as a digital marketer at one of the top internet marketing agency in the Philippines. Follow him on Twitter @tristanjasperph.

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