10 Ultimate Tools For Facile HTML5 Development

HTML5 is an outstanding technology that leverages web as well as mobile application development. Most of the developers consider HTML5 as a much sought after choice for writing code once and deploying it across multiple platforms.

Whether you are interested in mobile or web development, there are several resourceful tools available that strengthen the HTML5 technology, and ensure an effortless mobile-friendly web development. These resources include frameworks, libraries, plugins and other tools that not only make development an easy pie, but also help deliver a powerful, agile and secure digital solution to users.

Without any further ado, let’s explore the worthwhile tools that can ensure smooth development in HTML5.

1. Ionic

Undoubtedly, Ionic is one of the outstanding HTML5 frameworks that facilitate mobile application development. This framework is developed with SASS and comprises a number of UI components that help build an intuitive and captivating application with a great ease. It also implements a JavaScript MVVM framework and Angular JS. This certainly makes this framework more powerful and valuable.

2. Animatron

Animatron is yet another fantastic HTML5 tool that augments the development of top-notch banners, animations, and infographics. It ensures that the end result runs smoothly on a range of mobile devices. It is easy to get started with this tool and it comes with a free plan, which can be used to run trials. This free plan can support up to 20 projects. However, I think one would love to upgrade in order to quickly develop high-quality and impressive animations.

3. Razorflow

If you are looking for an easily accessible HTML5 dashboard, Razorflow is just perfect for you. You can proficiently develop a highly interactive as well as mobile-compatible dashboards by implementing JavaScript and PHP. It has a built-in API that allows one to build intuitive and feature-rich dashboards with a flair.

4. Squire

This lightweight HTML5 text editor offers a great cross-browser normalization. It is compatible with most of the popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer 8, Safari 4, Mozilla Firefox 3.5, Chrome 9 and a lot more. This editor does not support the integration of flash components or form controls. Rather, it is a simple editor for document writing, and is extremely easy to install and get started.

5. LimeJS

LimeJS is an astonishing HTML5 game framework that leverages rapid development of games, which can run smoothly on modern touchscreen as well as desktop browsers. Thus, if you want to develop an entertaining gaming application, LimeJS makes a great choice. It helps create flawless native-like game experience. It features the Google Closure Library, and comes complete with a list of useful classes and functions that can help control shapes, animations, and other gaming components.

6. Crosswalk

Crosswalk is a fabulous tool that comes jam-packed with superb features to complement the advanced browsers. It also includes an API that facilitates the integration of native extensions. Since, it is compatible with Tizen and Android, you can efficiently publish the HTML content to Android and Tizen mobile devices. The tool delivers amazing performance, while making HTML5 development a breeze.

7. Mootor Framework

Mootor Framework
This fabulous framework offers a set of open source tools that augment mobile application development on the basis of HTML5. It is easy to get your hands on this framework. Moreover, there are several online tutorials available on the Internet that further make it easier. This minimalist framework is compatible with multiple mobile platforms, like Android, iOS, and so forth.

8. Sprite Box

Sprite Box
This is a great tool that lets one create interactive designs for applications by implementing HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3 technology. The output of this tool is in the form of compressed images, which are high in demand nowadays, and this certainly makes this tool a trendy tool. It delivers great results and dramatically rev up the image transaction speed, which eventually improves the application loading speed.

9. Sprout Core

Sprout Core
Developing an application can incur a hefty amount. Fortunately, we have valuable tools that make it convenient for us to develop apps without burning a hole in our pocket. Sprout Core is one such tool. This open source tool is available for free and is perfect to create apps with an innovative UX. Most importantly, it aids agile application development, which can be scaled as per the business requirements.

10. Zurb Foundation

Zurb Foundation
Formerly popular as Ink, Zurb Foundation offers an awesome way to ensure a hassle-free implementation of email templates on any device. While this is true that social media network offers an amazing way to create a wide customer base, one can’t overlook the significance of email for acquiring customers. With this brilliant tool, you can ensure that your email templates run perfectly on mobile devices. Thus, you can efficiently target the ever increasing number of mobile users by implementing this tool, and creating responsive HTML email templates.


There is no dearth of high-end HTML5 development tools in the market. You can have a variety of options that can help businesses target their potential users effectively with an outstanding HTML5 application. Keeping the ongoing mobile trends in mind, I have enlisted a few resourceful tools that can aid developers to conveniently accomplish their app development and ensure its surefire success across the globe.

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