Active@ UNDELETE will save your priceless megabytes of data

Active@ UNDELETE Software

Here’s the tool working wonders when your system refuses to boot up.

Active@ UNDELETE is the tool you will hardly be playing around with regularly, but it will come to the rescue the day your hard drive will let you down (we are knocking on wood). OK, you are probably in the process of transition to cloud-based storages, but we bet you still rely on your old good HDD, and this tiny piece of software will save the situation when the priceless megabytes of data seem to be missing or unable to access.

Active@ UNDELETE works with a good number of operating systems (from Windows 2003 to Windows 8) and recognizes plenty of file management systems. Thus, if you have accidently deleted a file or partition or some HDD sectors have been damaged Active@ UNDELETE will help you bring your stuff back to life quickly and easily. The software was developed by a far famed Canadian LSoft Technologies Inc Company, established in 1998. With almost 2 decades of experience under the belt, the team’s diligence and top class skills are reflected in any aspect of using the tool – from easy to comprehend user interface to smooth, crash-free operation. But let’s have a closer look at this time machine-like app.

Active@ UNDELETE Screenshot

Active@ UNDELETE comes in handy with a nice set of features enabling you to restore a deleted volume or partitions, apply some volume boot sectors fixes and even undo the partition adjustments.

For advanced operations, you can manipulate partition table and boot sector attributes by using Disk Editor’s template dialogs.

If you are experiencing serious difficulties even with loading your OS, you can take advantage of an ISO image to make a bootable disc or USB drive. The software will suit perfectly to those who have never dealt with hardware, so if unmounting a hard drive to run it on a different PC is geek to you, Active@ UNDELETE, is, perhaps, your only best shot.

The software is available in several editions that differ from each other with the sets of tools they offer. Thus, Active@ UNDELETE Ultimate comgres with all the functionalities on board the Professional package offers, plus there’s a recovery feature from damaged RAID disk arrays. You may also want to make use of Active@ Boot Disk and Active@ LiveCD environments – another perfect way to reanimate the operating system that refuses to boot up.

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Active@ Boot Disk, an utility you will find with Professional and Ultimate editions, arms you with a comprehensive, stable and functionality-rich Windows environment, so you can effectively recover the operating systems that show no signs of life. To run the environment, boot it from CD or USB – there’s no extra steps you need to make. Once it is done, locate the data you’d like to recover and copy it to your USB drive or use the Network to drop it at a folder you like. As a complementary to the data recovery tool you’ll get access to a truly fast web browser and file manager, plus a bunch of useful stuff.

Active@ Boot Disk

Active@ LiveCD, packed with the Ultimate package, provides you with a full-fledged Linux OS environment to recover the precious data from a problem drive or OS. The package offers an identical set of software, boasting a good number of utilities for recovery, management and control of your hard drive and/or OS. Keep this piece of software for the rainy day – you will praise yourself for a savvy decision you’ve made once if this day comes.

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