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Active@ Data Studio
Active@ Data Studio is a perfect mix of tools designed to operate your computer in case your OS refuses to load. The reasons behind the failure are many: from a damaged sector of an HDD to accidental deletion of system-crucial files. Of course, in 2016 you are most probably playing around with numerous cloud-based services and don’t dump gigabytes of info like you used to in 2006. However, we bet that you are storing something truly valuable on your drive. And if your PC goes out of order, Acitve@ Data Studio could be a silver bullet to deal with the issue quickly and effortlessly.

In fact, you may not know the reason for a failure of your OS, or you may want to rescue some important stuff as soon as possible. This is where the piece of software comes in handy – grab a CD or DVD disc (USB drives are supported as well), download a copy Active@ Boot Disk and enjoy a fully fledged tool, running smoothly and giving you the access to the most crucial settings, features, functionalities and, of course, the files you store. Importantly, it doesn’t overwrite the settings of your current OS. Therefore, if you’ve managed to figure out the problem and, let’s say, replace a missing system file, you’ll get your configuration loaded the next time without any tweaks or changes.

Active@ Data Studio Main Window

Plunging into more details, Active@ Data Studio represents a synergy of minor tools, each of which conducts its own business perfectly, working in a highly productive symbiosis. The Boot Disk instrument included in the package is nothing but a well-tuned, lightweight version of OS based on Windows 8. Just like any decent data recovery tool, it provides you with a generous number of features, such as password resetting, network connectivity, system settings adjustment and many more.

A well thought-out design in conjunction with in-depth business analysis breathed in intuitiveness and advanced multitasking capabilities in the product. Thus, for example, once your virtual OS is ready to go and you are using your CD or DVD drive, you can eject the disc and use it for your purposes – the stable functioning of the system will not be interrupted. You can also choose from multiboot or dual-boot options (including DOS and Windows). Before you have started using the bootable OS, the software package enables you to specify your boot settings, plus it provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to setup and configure an antivirus (especially helpful to those whose configuration is likely to be damaged by some virus).

Active@ File Recovery for Windows

Using Active@ Data Studio doesn’t require any technical background or skills – everything is designed with user-friendliness in mind. If you are not sure how to use this or that piece of functionality, peep into the user manual or guide to figure out what’s what (should say that even basic PC users are not likely to have problems with the tool).

Active@ Data Studio could be your brilliant solution when the day your system refuses to load – these days are rare, but they always take you by surprise. Arm yourself with a stunning piece of software and be ready to meet those days with a powerful, victorious weapon.

Video overview

Active@ Data Studio is going to be your best shot from the standpoint of investing your money. As you have understood, Active@ Data Studio represents a software package with self-sufficienttools, and the total price of the product is just $149. To understand how you benefit from a single purchase, take a look at the pricing of the tools that come as separate products:

  1. Active@ Boot Disk (is a complete and functioning computer operating system on CD/DVD/USB disk) – $79.95
  2. Active@ FileRecovery (helps you restore your files) – $29.95
  3. Active@ PartitionRecovery (effectively recovers your partitions) – $39.95
  4. Active@ Undelete (an advanced data recovery tool) – $44.95
  5. Active@ PasswordChanger (resets passwords in Windows) – $49.95
  6. Active@ DiskImage (restores and helps you make data backup easily) – $39.00
  7. Active@ HardDiskMonitor (check the status of your hard drive) – $5.99
  8. Active@ KillDisk (erases all the data from your drive quickly and easily) – $49.95
  9. Active@ ISOManager (create ISO files for disks) – $34.95


The total price for all these products purchased separately almost reaches $300 mark – two times more expensive than Active@ Data Studio. By making a choice in favour of Active@ Data Studio not only you get a reliable ally in the emergency cases, but also, make a reasonable investment. Take your chance and get your copy of Active@ Data Studio at a juicy price right away!

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