Importance of creating an internet usage policy for employees

Internet usage policy for employees

An internet policy entails all the rules and regulations that the company expects their employees to follow in terms of gadgets and networking provided to them. This is primarily done for the benefit of both the employer as well as the employee as it helps protect both their assets and interests. Moreover, it is important that the employer has clearly identified beforehand to the employee that their internet usage is going to be adequately monitored. This can be done by making the employees sign a non disclosure agreement that entails all the policy’s points in it. By signing this document, the employers get all rights to the gadgets used by the employee.

Here are some of the points that indicate the importance of having an internet policy:

1. Increasing Employee Productivity

By keeping an eye on employees through monitoring applications, the employers are able to ensure that the employees are not wasting time on unnecessary websites and social networking sites. Especially if the employees know that they are being monitored they will themselves avoid anything that would get them into trouble hence enhancing their productivity. In fact, employees will try to work more effectively and efficiently in order to impress their superiors.

2. Define Adequate Rewards

Monitoring the employees progress means you can closely know and understand what they are up to which can then help define adequate rewards and promotions for them. If the employees are aware of being monitored they would work better and more effectively in order to get extra bonuses. Monitoring softwares in companies are capable of generating individual analytical reports that give an overall view of how a specific person has been performing. Based on these reports, the company can identify different rewards for their employees.

3. Accounting for Bandwidth Costs

Monitoring bandwidth has two big benefits:

a) Identify any big downloads and uploads taking place by a specific person
b) Assess internal bandwidth usage

In the first case, the company can revise and check the amount of downloads and uploads taking place from any particular site or on to any particular portal. This way they can make sure no company secrets are being leaked. Moreover, these can also tell if the employee is using the internet provided for any personal usage like downloading movies and other things. In the second scenario, assessing internal bandwidth usage can help allocate funds if the company is planning to increase their functioning in the future. Furthermore, it can also put forth different possibilities about revising existing policies.

4. Strengthen Security Protocols

Monitoring softwares are known to help you identify different security breaches that would otherwise hinder your company’s security wall. It can help you identify controls that would help strengthen network controls as well. There are many viruses that can affect the company’s functioning at the core and travel through emails. These can be identified and blocked through monitoring softwares that the internet policies identify. In case a virus has entered the company’s virtual premises, the monitoring software will automatically segregate, identify, destroy and indicate how to prevent for later times.

5. Reduce Legal Issues

Internet policies help maintain rules and regulations which would otherwise lead to adverse legal complications. Legal issues can erupt in the following areas:

a) Sexual harassment cases via emails or internal messaging portals.
b) Discriminatory behaviors faced by employees from any management.
c) Bullying cases among employees or between employer and employee.
d) Protecting important confidential information.

Such and many other areas can be easily identified and help protect both employee and employer via internet usage policies which would be monitored through central monitoring softwares that keep backups of everything that takes place on company gadgets.


There are many advantages of having internet policies, and many of these benefits cover for both employees and employers. By monitoring internet and networking resources, the company is providing protection to the employees as well. For example, if for any reason the employee is accused for leaking confidential information, the monitoring application can identify his innocence. Such evidence can now also be presented in court in most of the states of the USA hence making the use of monitoring softwares more prominent and encourages especially in big company settings.

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