Top Rated Android Games of 2015

Top 11 Android Games of 2015

Top 11 Android Games of 2015

The ever evolving world of mobile gaming continues to remain an exciting platform for mobile app development all over the globe. The gaming world on the app and play stores continues to be the most highly viewed page by people of all ages. Whether it is some time off work or spending hours of free time exploring the port of GTA, there will always exist a game of every category on the play store.

Worldwide popular games such as candy crush, puzzle and dragons as well as clash of the clans have further put gaming on the mobile app development platforms into the mainstream line of business. Google’s Android OS has grown at a skyrocketing pace with as much development as the Apple’s iOS. Android games have also taken on excellent competition. It has often been reported that our of 25 top grossing applications on the Android play store, 23 are tablets on mobiles as well as tablets. Whilst some interesting Android games are paid, some free ones are worth a shot as well. You really need to explore the undiscovered depths of the Android Play Store in order to get hold of the games worth playing.

However, to make your life easier, a compilation of some of the top rated Android games have been put forth below:

1. Prune

PruneThis game is literally about pruning. For all you nature lovers out there, in order to practice your pruning skills, this game teaches you and tests whether you can sprout enough flowers, and move on to the next round. The game also gives you real life challenges such as natural disasters, unstable wind, rain etc. all year round. Being quick and on your toes to respond to these challenges is what this game teaches you so download and play on.

2. Need For Speed

Need For SpeedPure adrenaline based racing is what this game puts in front of you. There are absolutely no limits to this speedy game. All you have to do is steer and boost the car up to the limit whilst upgrading your gearbox, nitro and wheels along the way. This game really gives you thrills so play on to experience the ultimate heart-racing challenge.

3. The Path to Luma

The Path to LumaIf finding clean energy solutions is what you aim to do in life, then hop on to this low-poly trend to help keep all the planets on this galaxy clean. This game is there to help you think about energy use as a whole and help sustain this energy.

4. Endless Sniper

Endless SniperThis interactive game has been developed in pixelated art style. It is an endless game which will keep you busy for hours.

The game is free and requires you to shoot barrels and follows the theme of duck hunt.

5. The Trace- Murder Mystery

The Trace- Murder MysteryThis is for all those crime and mystery lovers. The game involves engaging problem solving scenes just like a real life crime novel. It requires you to play your part as a detective by using the clues and any available evidence to solve the crime scene. The game can keep you hooked for hours as its storyline is so realistic it really catches your full time attention.

6. Beneath the Lighthouse

Beneath the LighthouseIf you were addicted to Monument Valley that came out in 2014, then you are definitely going to enjoy this mind puzzling game! The objective of the game is to transform mechanical wheels so that you can make a young boy’s way to his grandfather. Beneath the lighthouse aims to test your lateral thinking skills and quite an interesting game to play if you’ve got free time on your hands.

7. Stick Cricket 2

Stick Cricket 2Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of a bat against the ball when it comes to playing stick cricket?

This version of Stick Cricket again lets your bat against a series of opponents smoothly with best rated mechanics.

8. Framed

FramedThis is a game with new controls that gives the feel of an excerpt of a strip from a comic book. The best part is you can change the setting of the strip and its control within each frame to help the hero of the game save himself from being framed.

9. Total Football Manager

Total Football ManagerThere have been various versions of every football fanatic’s favorite game, football manager, for years! But, the version on Android definitely has improved the overall outlook and feel of the game when you can simply become a football manager any time of the day by swindling your phone out of your pocket and into your hands!

10. Cut the Rope 2

Cut the Rope 2Just like feeding candy to Om Nom in the initial version of this game, cut the rope 2 is a free-to-play game with painterly graphics and a variety of clever puzzles. The game is extremely cute to play but gets tricky and difficult as you reach the upper levels. It is quite the challenge and does not seem to get old!

11. Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Walking Dead: Road to SurvivalThis has got to be the richest Android Walking Dead game experience ever created on this OS. The game functions mostly as a base-building play where you are able to construct workshops and training grounds to help save lives on the post-apocalyptic Earth. You can face off opponents online and also explore the surroundings through the storyline present within the game.

This list provides a compilation of best grossing games in the Android market. As the world of gaming progresses, the list will continuously be updated. So, keep exploring!

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