9 Skills Every JavaScript Developer Should Possess

9 Skills Every JavaScript Developer Should Possess

JavaScript is one of the fastest growing programming languages in the technology sphere. It is being used in a variety of scenarios, such as web development, mobile application development, animation designing, game designing, Internet of Things and more.

The changing face of JavaScript presents a huge challenge for JavaScript developers often compelling them to learn new skills and remain updated on the latest emerging trends in JavaScript development. It is important for JavaScript developers to learn about the latest developments taking place in the world of JavaScript. Learn the concept of Inheritance in JavaScript This may involve learning new frameworks and libraries, learning and applying innovative development practices in their projects, using modern development tools, incorporating new features in to their JavaScript applications, using JavaScript libraries and more. Since, JavaScript is a vast field, there are many avenues to try and experiment with.

Though, these are all some of the most important things to consider as a JavaScript developer, there are also a few more important things to remember from the point of view of career growth and employment opportunities. So, here I am presenting a list of 9 such skills which every JavaScript developer should possess or develop in order to make the most out of the current job market trends. Alright, so let us check out the list of 9 Skills Every JavaScript Developer Should Possess.

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1) Knowledge of HTML and CSS

We all are aware that JavaScript at its core is a robust front-end development technology. JavaScript essentially provides responsiveness for the web page. A web page is never considered as responsive until there is a flow of data from both the sides, i.e. from server to browser and vice-versa. Hence, it becomes important for a JavaScript developer to possess an extensive knowledge of HTML and CSS.

2) Proficiency in a Server-Side Scripting Language

As mentioned in the previous point, JavaScript is a useful client-side technology. Though, it has found implementation on the server-side because of Node.js, yet it is not the easiest option to apply certain modern or complex functionality, which a server-side language like PHP can handle efficiently. Hence, it is advisable for a JavaScript developer to possess a strong knowledge of at least one server-side scripting language which will broaden his scope not only as a developer but also as a job seeker.

3) Knowledge of Design Principles

Today, static websites stand no chance against dynamic ones. Often, JavaScript developers focus more on the functionality of a website or web application but do not take in to consideration the design of a website. A website provides a good user experience only when a user-friendly functionality is complemented with an intuitive web design. These two aspects of web development go hand in hand. Hence, it is important for a JavaScript developer to apply modern design principles and prudently use the various UI elements in his web development projects.

4) Contributing to Open-Source Projects

This point is especially meant for freelance JavaScript developers but is also very important for other JavaScript developers in general. Today, most of the large-scale companies pay attention to this aspect while hiring a JavaScript developer. Being an active member in the open-source community of JavaScript developers is considered as a positive trait by employers. It is bound to be so since it shows that as a developer, one is committed as well as efficient in his job. So, as a JavaScript developer one must strive to contribute to the open-source projects by pulling projects from popular GIT repositories like GitHub. As we all are aware, some of these projects have grown to become one of the most trending, open-source libraries and frameworks, like jQuery and Twitter Bootstrap.

5) Knowledge of Plugin Integration

The importance of plugins in the development of open-source technology projects is prominent. A plugin is essentially a piece of JavaScript code which can be integrated in to a web development project. Moreover, packaging a common function within a JS plugin makes it more portable allowing users to easily integrate a plugin in to any number of projects within a short period of time. Plugins help extend the features of a JavaScript application. A JavaScript developer should possess strong knowledge about plugin usage and integration which can allow him to introduce newer features and better functionalities in to his web development projects.

6) Participating in Online Community Forums

It is essential for a JavaScript developer that his skills get noticed. There are several online avenues where a JavaScript developer can interact as well as collaborate with other developers. These online platforms are like global communities where exchange of information and ideas takes place. Hence, a JavaScript developer should post relevant comments on forums and Q&A websites. One such website is StackOverFlow, which is a popular Q&A (question and answer) website for developers. As a JavaScript developer, one can post answers to various questions posted on this website. Such platforms are ideal for demonstrating one’s knowledge and skills.

7) Knowledge of DevTools

Modern browsers come equipped with strong DevTools. Apart from helping a JavaScript developer to debug his code, these tools provide additional functionalities like checking web performance for his page and providing local storage options. There are several work flow and scaffolding tools which assist JavaScript developers in their projects and helps automates much of their work. It is beneficial to use these automation tools but as a JavaScript developer, one should not let these tools to ruin your expertise in programming.

8) Proficiency In Testing

It is never only coding that a JavaScript developer needs to do while working on a project. Another important job of a JavaScript developer is testing his software application. It becomes difficult at times when a software application becomes complex. As a JavaScript developer, one should have a fair knowledge of some automated testing frameworks like Selenium IDE (Integrated Development Environment). It also helps in saving time which can allow developers to look in to other important tasks.

9) Knowledge of MEAN Stack

The fact that JavaScript is improving and growing as a technology can be confirmed by taking a look at the various JavaScript technologies which have been developed quite recently. Popular among them are Node.js, Angular.JS, Express.js and MongoDB, commonly referred to as the MEAN stack. MEAN stack provides a full-stack JavaScript solution for web application development. Hence, it is important for a JavaScript developer to hold an expertise in these JavaScript technologies.


I am sure that there are several skills or traits which a JavaScript developer should possess in order to become more efficient in his work and remain more informed about the current market trends and technological developments. If you want to share information about any particular skillset which you think is important for a JavaScript developer to possess, then do kindly write your thoughts in the comments section below. Thank you.

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