Avoid using Additional WordPress Plugins with these WordPress Features

Avoid using Additional WordPress Plugins

If you are running an online business, chances are, you are aware of WordPress. Almost 24.7% of websites are being powered by WordPress today and the number is only growing. From informative blogs to online stores to forums, WordPress gives you the freedom to create any type of website, thanks to its flexible structure.

Those days are gone when WordPress was considered to be a blogging system. Over the years, WordPress has emerged to be an amazing platform for creating a wide variety of different sites. WordPress even powers some of the top brands from around the world including Facebook, Disney, Time Magazine, LinkedIn, Sony and many more.

WordPress has certainly become the common, and usually the first choice when it comes to building a website. It’s versatile, scalable and flexible nature makes it a lot easier to build a fully functional and dynamic website.

WordPress also comes with a plethora of ready-made themes and plugins to choose from. This can be one of the most common reasons for the widespread use of WordPress. As a matter of fact, not every platform has such a huge directory of themes and plugins.

WordPress plugins are developed to make it easier and convenient for webmasters, especially non-technical ones, to add new features to their websites without ever touching a single line of code. However, the usage of plugins has become widely common.

Need an image slider on the homepage? Install a slider plugin! Need to create an image gallery page? Search for the best gallery plugin! You can easily find hundreds of plugins for your every need.

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Plugins are useful but overdoing can often result in failure of your website. WordPress is much more than just giving your website a robust structure. It has the power to make your website stand out, even without the usage of additional plugins.

WordPress comes with a variety of features that many users often abandon, probably because of the availability of hundreds and thousands of ready-made and cost-effective plugins.

Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best standard WordPress features that will surely make you want to deactivate all the additional plugins you may have installed.

1. User-friendly text editor

WordPress comes with a user-friendly text editor with two modes to help you write, or modify posts – Text and Visual. Like any other editor online, the Text editor allows you to add formattings like spacing, alignment, italics and so much more. The editor is powered by an open source software namely TinyMCE. It has certain basic buttons in the bar across the top which lets you rapidly add commonly used HTML elements into your posts.

This text editor works best for non-technical webmasters who are not familiar with advanced options.

2. Publishing Tools

WordPress allows you to create posts, save drafts, and preview your revisions, which makes it absolutely easy for the webmaster to manage the content on the site. It also enables the admin to make a post private or public and lock certain pages and posts with a password. Scheduling publication of a particular post is one of the most popular features of WordPress that enables a user to schedule a post for a particular date and time.

3. Media Management

No website is ever complete without an image, which is why WordPress allows you to easily upload and insert images to your WordPress website. Simply drag and drop images into the uploader to insert them into a specific page or a post. You can also optimize your images for the search engine by adding titles, captions, and alt texts to each image without messing around with the code. The WordPress developers have also integrated few image editing tools to help you edit your images.

4. User Management

A website may have many people working for it but not every person needs to have the same user access as that of the site’s admin. Therefore, WordPress comes with an amazing user management system where it has five different user roles already assigned:

  • Administrators
  • Editors
  • Authors
  • Contributors
  • Subscribers

Every user has its own role and thus, should be assigned relevant user access. As an instance, you may not want to give your contributors the right to publish content on your site. So you can simply give them the access to your text editor where they can add their content and save it as a draft, which later can be published by the administrators.

5. Built-in Comments

Since you create a site for your visitors and followers, you would certainly want to interact with them. WordPress comes to its own commenting system which allows your visitors to post a comment on your posts and pages and engage with your website. The commenting system of WordPress has everything you may need to create a forum for discussion on your site.

6. Quick Permalinks

URLs are a crucial part of a website. Since SEO has gained in popularity, it has become quite important to make the URL’s of your site SEO friendly. If the URL of your page or post is SEO friendly, you can rest assure that your website has brighter chances of getting ranked higher in the search engines. WordPress offers an easy management of permalinks through its in-built permalinks features where you can set up your URLs to optimize them for search engines.

WordPress is a powerful platform that helps you create enticingly appealing and feature-rich websites. With so many useful in-built standard features of WordPress, you no longer need to stuff your website with unnecessary additional plugins.

Author Bio:

Emily Johns is a WordPress Developer by profession and writer by hobby. She works for Wordsuccor Ltd., a WordPress Website Development Company based in USA. She loves sharing information trending featutre of using WordPress. If you need to hire a WordPress Develope ryou can get in touch with her.
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