New Technology To Aid In Everyday Problems

It’s no secret that technology has helped us human beings over the past how many years. From advancement in technology with medicine to transportation, new technology has become a complementary aid in a person’s everyday life.

It’s no surprise that this year, even better gadgets were created to help us with the most mundane problems we thought even technology could not solve.

Here are the new gadgets we should watch out for in 2016

Problem: Smartphone No Signal
Solution: goTenna ($199)


Imagine being stuck in an elevator and needing assistance but there’s no way to contact anyone because your smartphone has no signal. That’s where goTenna comes in handy. goTenna allows you to send SMS messages even when your mobile phone is out of coverage area. Siblings Daniela and Jorge Perdomo, creators of goTenna, experienced firsthand what it was like to be disconnected during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

According to Valentina Zarya of, “The goTenna aims to solve that problem by working outside of traditional networks—in fact, it creates its own, closed network using low-frequency radio waves. In practice, it works similarly to a walkie-talkie in that you need two to be able to communicate to each other, but each device connects to a smartphone and lets users send messages and drop locations.

Imagine how helpful this gadget would be for natural disasters or emergency situations. It would greatly save lives and would help you be in contact with your loved ones at times of need.

Problem: no technology to help the blind or assist the visually impaired
Solution: Toyota’s BLAID

Toyota's BLAID

To aid those who are blind or visually impaired, Toyota has created a wearable gadget disabled people may use. It is to be worn over the shoulders and helps extend mobility to those who are unable to see their surroundings. It is equipped with cameras and speakers, it can detect surroundings and obstacles such as walls and stars. It also has a voice command system that can relay signals to the user.

This gadget will not only help those in need but will break barriers for disabled people. Finally, they are able to find independence even with their disability. Toyota’s BLAID can now empower those who are in need of visual aid. “Toyota hopes to eventually add other features, like mapping, facial recognition and object identification.

Problem: “I keep forgetting to drink my medicine”
Solution: Hero home appliance ($399.99)

Hero home appliance

Do you have relatives or loved ones who religiously need to take medicine at a certain time? Perhaps your grandmother keeps forgetting to take her vitamins? Well, worrying about those is now a thing of the past thanks to the Hero home appliance. This appliance aims to replace plastic pill containers and according to Anthony Ha of TechCrunch, “As demonstrated for me by the Hero team, it’s easy to load your medicines, vitamins and other health supplements into the machine, then indicate the dosage you’ll need and when you’re supposed to take it. Once you’re all set up, the Hero device will automatically alert you when it’s time to take your medication and dispense the pills accordingly.” Gone are the days when you had to remind your parents about taking their maintenance medicine or scolding your kids for forgetting to drink their Vitamin C.

What are your thoughts on these new inventions and technology this 2016? Sound off in the comments section below!

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