Xamarin Features Will Assure Full Control of Your Mobile Apps

Infographic - Xamarin App Development

When it comes to an average company to launch an app, it can turn out to be a problem as there are plenty of points to consider. Time, budget, specialists, and, of course, a platform to work with. So, let’s try to study it a little bit.

So, you have several options: native platform development and cross-platform development. Supporters of the former boast of great user experience, fast performance, and extensive access to the device features. They are silent, though, about their main drawback – increased expenses and time during the development process. The hybrid development, in its turn, can only count on the fast implementation and lower cost, since performance, UI/UX features, and access to the native APIs leave much to be desired. You see, to make a choice is not easy.

It gets better, though, when you come across the Xamarin (the cross-platform mobile app development platform). Using it, you’ll get a native app to all the platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows), complete access to the device features, and time and money savings. Interested? I bet you are. So, let’s find out how it manages to do all this.

The trick is, to create a native app on Xamarin, you need only one language, C#. It leads to your not rewriting the code for three times, not hiring three developers, and not testing your app again for three times. Up to 90% of the non-interface code can be shared with the help of Xamarin. Plus, it takes only a few days for Xamarin to update all its features after iOS/Android/Windows version update.

Other Xamarin features will assure full control of your app. Xamarin Insights can show you statistics of user interactions with an app, all the crashes info and how they influence the users. Xamarin Test Cloud conduct the quality assurance process at the highest level in the way it interacts with an app exactly as the users do.

To sum up, if you want an app of high quality but want to save some time and money, then Xamarin is perfect for you (check out main features in infographic below, and get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development).

Infographic: Xamarin mobile app development platform

You can get more details at http://gloriumtech.com/xamarin-development

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