Five Things to Check before Launching Your First Mobile App

Your First Mobile App

App development has become a vast world. For a business getting ready to launch a new mobile application, there are a lot of things to consider and check before getting underway.

There are points when a business owner will feel they have potentially overlooked something really important for the launch. It could be how they planned on getting success in the App Store, or second guessing the launch plan.

Whatever is decided on, there still needs to be a checklist put in place. Here are five things to check and consider before launching a new business app.

#1 Check the Platform the App Is Going to Be Released on

Making the right decision for what platform you use forthe release on may be the most critical. Ideally, an app would be launched on both IOS and Android, but it takes considerable funding and resources to launch on both. Even if it’s possible, an initial platform needs to be selected. There are a lot of factors to consider and coupled with the type of app is what decides the best call.

#2 Check the Reviews of the Beta Testers

The beta testers are the ultimate way to test a new app, so it is important to check the reviews of the testers. They are going to be the most accurate and honest critics before the app is launched so make sure the right group has been selected too. Use a professional company like Compusmart Solutions to go through and evaluate your app. This way you can be sure it’s tested correctly.

#3 Check the Test Results and Test Some More

Check all of the tests done on the new app including the results from the pool of beta testers. The test should be cycled through several times to check for consistent results.

#4 Check the User Acquisition Campaign

An app isn’t made without an expectation of a user base. Check the acquisition campaign for users, or the app might as well not exist.

#5 Check What Works Well and What Does Not

No app is going to be perfect at launch. Updates exist for this reason, and even Twitter is constantly updating its app. Check what will need to go through updates first and make sure you keep things consistent with each update.


There is a lot to keep track of and cover before, during, and after a business app launch. A lot of important factors will determine the direction and road to application success. These five tips are a good foundation for a business owner to evolve a strategy around.

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