The way the stunning casino UX is built

How should a user-friendly, intuitive casino interface look like? Being overwhelmed by too heavy marketing pressure adversely impacts casinos as players are leaving faster, at the same time gamblers struggle to spend more time in front of their screens because of informational overload.

Minimalistic interface is, perhaps, limits the casinos too much, forcing them to cut off the majority of offers, while giving too much freedom to designers oftentimes leaves to informational bombardment and less time spent playing.

So is there any panacea solution out there? Well, it seems that has managed to discover the golden medium, so let’s take a closer look at their freshly redesigned website. Screenshot

To begin with the fact should be underlined that the website is really fast – plenty of websites are built with bells and whistles but as long it lags and freezes these features are useless. is super fast, stylish and its design are easily recognizable, while the dark color palette partially dissolves the visual pressure – as a result, the Mansion-powered online gambling house has managed to preserve plenty of information blocks and maintain the optimal balance. Virtually all the crucial elements of the interface are available from the first screen: languages switcher, online support, getting started, bonuses, promotions, mobile… a well thought-out layout stores everything at the right places. First things first – the main news, features and promotions are displayed on the first screen slider, so you will never miss something really important. Next comes the blocked area revealing the most adored games of the platform – the blockbuster titles and the old good roulette can be accessed in a demo mode or played for real cash from one place.

When you start playing for a new window is opened with the game, and the smooth transition from common grid web design to rich flash experience: a symbiosis of stunning animation and exceptional performance – this is how you would want the online games of chance look like. Switching from one game mode to the other, or even playing several games in different windows for hardcore players is all about convenience and speed. promotions section

Yet another handy feature of the website: promotions section. Instead of unloading piles of bonuses, promos and other marketing stuff, players can access all the currently available programs from one place. The floating header menu with all the vital links travelling with you while you are scrolling is a nice, traditional addition makes the navigation very seamless.

And finally, what is really important, the design looks gorgeous on screens of various sizes – from 9.7” tablets to the latest Retina 4k screens. You will definitely love the way it looks and feels – drop in at and check it out for yourself.

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