Time Consuming Tasks That Small Businesses Should Always Outsource

Small Businesses Outsourcing

Small businesses are normally destroyed by overhead. Many of the business owners simply stop revenue growth because of the fact that they try to take care of everything with the purpose of saving money. Outsourcing is not even considered. This is a huge mistake that should not actually be made.

It is easy to notice that the entrepreneur normally rejects outsourcing as the process is seen as an extra cost. The big problem is that opportunity value is not calculated and the fact that time is much more important than money in various business processes is not even considered.

Saving money becomes possible when the task is done by the in-house team but that does not actually mean that the firm is making money.

As a simple example, let’s say that the business owner learns how to make a website.

Since we live in the digital age, it is obvious that a web presence is necessary so the site owner ends up working on the site alone. At the end of the day we are faced with quite a good saving but the hours that it takes to create that site will be a lot more than what another person would do. If you were to hire the outsourcing company, the work would have done faster and you could have been focused on doing the work that you are really good at, the one that generates a lot more money. After doing the math, it is obvious that if the site creation process would have been outsourced, more profit would have been made by the firm.

Out of the various time consuming tasks that you really need to consider outsourcing as a small business owners, here are those that should be seen as a necessity and that are normally neglected by the owners.


Although this is the one thing that many see as being obvious in terms of outsourcing tasks that are time consuming, many small business owners believe that the task is way too important to actually outsource it. That is not a good idea. Accounting is highly time consuming and is a specialty trade. The accountant needs to know so many rules and needs to be extremely efficient at going through the necessary tasks, which is not what the regular business owner can do.

A really good bookkeeper will be needed in order to take care of the day-to-day accounting and the payroll company would be able to handle the paychecks without you having to worry about it. The CPA can be considered for tax accounting purposes.


Contrary to popular belief, this is different than accounting. The relationship that is established with a local bank is something that is vital for business operations. The banks these days do have some specialists that know how to help a small business. These are the ones that can be contacted in order to aid with grants, loans, cash flow, credit lines and so much more. Money is necessary in order to run the company so the banked that is specialized in small businesses will help out a lot.


When saying that we outsource design, we mean logos, website art, letterheads, flyers and everything related. People believe that it is really easy to do design work until they figure out how much time is spent doing the necessary tasks. It is not at all difficult to find talented designers that are much cheaper than you initially thought. Outsourcing design tasks can be incredibly effective.

Social Media

It is a shame to notice that many see social media as being really easy to do but out of all the marketing tasks, this is the one that will take the most time. Make sure that you outsource social media management. This will help you to save time and money, allowing you to end up with a much better social media presence than you think at the moment.

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