iPhone SE: The New Release from Apple

The new addition in iPhone’s family is iPhone SE. Apple rolled this newest addition of iPhone on 30th of March, 2016.

iPhone SE

One of the most crucial aspects of this edition of iPhone is the Apple’s strategy to target the first time iPhone users by availing them with the iPhone at a competitive rates.

The launch plan indirectly suggests that Apple is trying to capture the new market with iPhone SE. It inevitably will give way to plenty of first time iPhone users with SE series. Not to mention, this can also mark the return of previous iPhone users who had given up using the iPhone after iPhone 3.

This is perhaps one of the significant move by Apple to barge in to the new market by expanding the breadth of iPhone users. iPhone Se will open the floodgates for plenty of the first time iPhone users because it is the best blend of features and pricing. Indeed, it is an appealing move by apple to mark its dominance in this ever-competitive industry of mobile technology. Because of the success of Apple’s previously launched 5-Series models, the chances of SE’s success are very high.

Apple iPhone SE

Small Screen to Drive Design Innovation

iPhone SE has a relatively smaller screen of 4 inches, but that does not restrict its functionality. It has brought down the iPhone prices to an extent that this series of the phone is cheaper than many of the flagship phones in Britain that launched last year. The chassis remains the same as iPhone 5 and 5S. The beauty of this phone is its size itself as the device can now easily sit at the edge of the thumb stretch.

Clicking pictures are much more fun now

A 4-inch screen with 12MP camera. It assures what you shall on your device from what you capture will be of a crystal clear quality. The tricks and usability of a camera remain the same with this series of iPhone as it comes with integrated iSight Sensor for better quality images. This might move the 6S buyers to contemplate between SE and 6S as the camera quality remains the same for both the models.

quality images

Internally, iPhone SE is a gem

IPhone SE has more powerful than its predecessors iPhone 5 and 5S as this new addition boasts with the new A9 chip blending with the M9 c-processor, and supported by 2GB of internal RAM. It yields a bigger advantage for the SE users at it overpowers the old A7 processor with 1GB of RAM.

iPhone SE A9 Chip

The end of ‘Where is the Charger’ story

iPhones are (de)famed for their battery life because if you look around, the iPhone users are constantly in search of their charging chords. But that is now the story of a past as iPhone SE comes with an impressive battery life with 1624mAh, and supporting the same is the screen size that aids in saving battery.

saving battery

The Mobile app experience

Mobile app development has a significant role to play in giving the users the kind of experience they yearn for from their iPhones. It is in the hands of the mobile app development companies to deliver excellence to the iPhone users with the best iOS app development.

Mobile app experience

But, when it comes to iPhone SE, there are a couple of restrictions due to the screen size and app developers must take into consideration the iPhonse SE’s screen specifications seriously to give the best UX. Clearly, you can’t have fun viewing HD movies in this version of iPhone. For better results, iOS app developers are expected to custom make iOS applications for the iPhone SE. It is very much evident in case you downsize the experience from 6S to SE; the app content looks a little cramped and fudgy on screen.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the absence of 3D touch from iPhone SE as this is where the future lies. Over a period, one will quickly feel the lack of 3D touch on iPhone SE.

But, to sum up the overall iPhone SE story, it is a great fit for a $400 apple phone. Considering the dominance of smartphones in the emerging markets like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, there is a lot of scope for iPhone to fit in the people’s pocket – in both the ways.

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