Media Marketing: The Life Of A Successful Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

Only 10 years ago the social media manager role was not even a job or a career. It didn’t exist. Facebook was barely a year old and was still just a way for people to connect to other students online. The term social media marketing wasn’t in the lexicon.

Fast forward a decade and every organization must have a social media manager, whether full time or part time. They need to be like a juggler at a circus and keep a lot of balls up in the air and make them all land safely. It requires skillsets which means managing many moving parts. Technical, analytical, creative with a bit of project management thrown in.

Check out the successful ways of Social Media Manager and its statistics successful social media manager work hard to pronounce the brand identity, tone and visibility of many clients on various digital platforms.

Use more than 5 percent of their brains, to come up with the best campaigns that give clients, the best sales via digital marketing without trying too hard!

Well, it takes a lot to fit into this profiles but only somebody who is constantly aware, can meet, tweet, update statuses constantly can be a successful social media manager.

So what does the life of a social media manager look like?

It’s almost a 24/7 job. It means monitoring, managing, updating and being inspired by the clients and other sources.

Here is a fun infographic that explains the ongoing tasks that keep the social manager busy!
Infographic by:

Infographic by:

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