6 Of The Best Wearable Fitness Gadgets To Look Out For

Fitness gadgets have become some of the most demanded devices on the market. Their high demand stems from more people realizing and becoming aware of the need to keep in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. Fitness gadgets come in many different varieties.

There are those that are wearable and those that are not. However, wearable tech digest offers the preferred choice when it comes to the best fitness devices. The following are some of the fitness gadgets you should opt for if you consider exercising or participating in fitness workouts.

1. Wristwatch Health Tracker


Wristwatch Health Tracker


This is a wearable wristwatch health tracker fitted with exciting technology. It is incorporated with a galvanic skin sensor that detects your body sweat. The gadget is similarly fitted with an accelerometer that tracks your steps when walking, jogging or running. It also has an optical sensor for blood-flow that keeps track of your heartbeat and a skin temperature sensor for profiling your temperature during your workout sessions. This wristwatch can also monitor you when sleeping and will know the right time to get you up.

2. Larklife




This gadget monitors the type of workout, time spent during the exercise, and some calories burnt. This device is able to sense your inactiveness and then gives you an alert to get you back on the track. This Larklife has the ability to monitor your sleeping habits and consequently coach you about it. It is also a diet logger fitted with a list of foods from which you can tap what you have eaten each day. It will calculate the calories, showing you the needed amount per portion intake. It will also remind you about the best time and amount of food to eat.

3. Misfit Flash


Misfit Flash


This is one of the top fitness trackers currently on the market. It is worn around the neck, laces, and wrist or put in the pocket. It records accurately the energy production or steps for a variety of sports. Paired with a seamless Bluetooth, it will monitor your workout ranging from running to playing football, tennis or even swimming. This gadget is waterproof and has a battery that lasts for months, unlike the other trackers. It is a friendly and a convenient gadget that can be used by anyone especially those who engage in vigorous sporting activities.

4. Muse Headband


Muse Headband


This is a brain sensing headband that works with a cycle of calming exercises that rejuvenate your body. This headband syncs with an app and aims at coaching your breathing patterns. It helps you unwind through a 30-minute session of yoga. You can use this device at any place for your exercise, and the results are felt immediately after the session. This device can be used by people to help them relax their bodies without having to do tiring physical exercises. This gadget is fun and easy to use.

5. Under Armour E39


Under Armour E39


This is a body wearable fitness tracker. It is a compression shirt fitted with sensors that track your biometrics. It details the breathing rates, heart rate, acceleration, lung capacity and body motion and positioning. This fitness gadget has inbuilt microprocessors, an accelerometer and can connect wirelessly to any computer or smartphone. Under Armour E39 has a round device in the middle named ‘the bug’, which has a computer and a hard drive for data storage. During the workout, this tracker is able to monitor the time was taken and calories burnt and feed the data into the inbuilt computer system.

6. Suunto Ambit3 Sport


Suunto Ambit3 Sport


It is a lustrous made sports watch that has a proven record of assisting adventurers, athletes or any other individuals venturing in the field of sport. It is fitted with a GPS that uses satellite to detail correct distances and speed. It has also customized features for cycling, jogging, swimming and running. This gadget is used together with the moves count app in your smartphone that allows you to choose one from the very many training programs available. Suunto Ambit3 Sport is worn on the wrist from where it is able to track your daily workout data and tells you how much time you need to relax before the next exercise.


The increasing number of people who are using fitness gadgets to help them track their daily workout is enormous. Fitness gadgets play a crucial role in our lives, and we cannot assume the role they play in helping us keep fit. With the advancement in technology, it is important to know how to use them so as to achieve the best results possible. Companies that create these gadgets should always avail them to the market in time and consequently, continue doing research to come up with more authentic and affordable devices in the market.

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