A Marketing Marriage That Works: Steps for Combining Traditional with Digital Methods

If you want to kick your marketing up a notch, then you need to know how old-school marketers think. What does that mean? It means that maybe it’s time to rethink the idea of “digital only” marketing. In other words, maybe what you need is a little traditional direct mail.

Steps for Combining Traditional with Digital Methods

How To Reframe Your Thinking And Marketing

There shouldn’t be a debate between the best types of marketing. They’re both good. Only, direct print media came first. And, you can learn alot from print advertising of the 60s, 70s, and 80s, even into the 90s and 2000s.

The conversation needs to shift to how both digital and print media can work together. A good way to think about traditional marketing is it gives you a highly effective way to reach a broad consumer audience. On the other hand, digital marketing can only be used for relationship-building purposes. Marketers should use traditional marketing channels to drive consumers to their website or social media accounts.

Having a plan in place is also a good idea. What you do with the leads you get? You have to know this. Most businesses would do well to capture the name and then follow up with them both online and offline.

Active Vs Passive

A good example of the contrast between the traditional approach to marketing and the active digital approach. A 30-second T.V. spot always lasts 30 seconds. And, the consumer is almost always passively participating. This is good, but digital marketing gets people involved and this is better. Once you get people participating in what you’re offering, they’re more likely to buy.

Marketers can take advantage of passive television ads by giving customers a specific call to action, which increases engagement.

For example, a company might spend money on a 30-second Super Bowl ad. But, by adding a digital call to action, like inviting them to “like” the brand’s Facebook page to be entered in a giveaway of some kind, that company can increase engagement with potential customers.

Deliver a Personalized Experience

Traditional marketing is an effective way to target customers based on demographic information, as well as psychographics. But, digital marketers can step things up a bit by customizing and personalizing the experience for the customer.

For example, when a prospect is taken to a website from offline, the prospect can enter some details about themselves and then be served a customized and personalized experience based on what was entered. This could be a personalized URL or it could be an offer for a membership area (free or paid).

Working Together

While digital is emerging as a cost-effective way to drive marketing results and sales, it’s also important not to overlook what print media can do for your company. And, today, you can get letter and stamp affixer machines to make the job even easier and cheaper.

It can dramatically amplify your results. Depending on your marketing goals, it might be a good idea to integrate the two into an opportunity for growth.

The most successful companies in the world already do this. The question is: will you?

WriterAva Dawson started out as a graphic designer, but soon combined her love of design with her knowledge of social media to form her marketing business. She writes about digital and print marketing methods and discusses the pros and cons of both in her articles and in online discussions.

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