Several Benefits Associated with HTML5

Since the inclusion of cutting-edge software, tools, and technologies, web development sector has taken the whole new turn while developing highly interactive and dynamic web based projects.

HTML5 is one of the most prominent technologies that empower web developers and programmers to develop scalable and compatible mobile applications by using their creative and professional skills.

Several Benefits Associated with HTML5

The technology offers an extensive range of liberal functions and features that not only allows users to run a unique and user-driven web app performance but also adds advanced features to elevate its overall quality.

However, there are many industries who have been suffering from the mobile fragmentation issues, but according to the experts, the HTML5 technology will going to play a crucial role in the coming years of web development niche. In fact, web developers finding HTML5 a great tool that can allow them to build a feature-rich site, without any complications and restrictions.

As we all know, HTML5 is the fifth of HTML technology, which is a standard programming language that allows developers to build interactive web pages with ease. Even, you can see every change in your site made by you such as the content, background images, color, fonts, and hyperlink.

However, previously, HTML5 was introduced as a tool that allows you to develop user-friendly websites. But now, it has become one of the robust tools that help professional to build beautiful, interactive and powerful mobile based web applications with ease.

With that effect, we bring you the blog post where we will explore some of the key advantages of HTML5, the latest and most reliable version of HTML. Thereafter, you can use it to create anything- from the trading to the health-based apps, lifestyle to the gaming apps from the scratch.

1. Simple and Clean Code


Easy to create mobile-optimized content
In the previous time, web developers find HTML coding extremely messy and confusing. Making simple changes to a website was not a cup of tea for everyone as coders would have long pages of code that one need to scroll through.

Fortunately, HTML5 comes with the simple and clean code that is easily accessible by the developers. In fact, it is also optimized for search engine platforms as Google quickly and easily read the clean code and helps you improve the ranking of your on search engines.

2. Storage Capability

HTML5 lets you store all the data of your users on your local system. This saves only the necessary data on the client device when you sync it back to the server whenever you required.

Furthermore, the feature helps you improve the overall performance of your web-based mobile app or website and also deliver the world’s best user experience. You can boost the display times; reduce network traffic, save work loss due to internet disconnection, save temporary state just by using this single technology.

3. Inbuilt Audio-Video Playback

It is one of the biggest advantages of using HTML5 technology.

Earlier, if you want to play audio-video files, developers had to rely on the third-party plugins such as Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, and Quicktime. The entire process is carried out with a plenty of errors and users required to constantly upgrade the latest version of these plugins.

While with HTML5, you will get inbuilt support for audio and video files. This means webmasters and developers easily add the high-quality audios and videos files into the websites or mobile apps, without the use of any third-party tool or plugin. Use the HTML5 <audio> and <video> tags to make the content available on different devices.

4. Easy to create mobile-optimized content


Easy to create mobile-optimized content
The growing usage of mobile devices for browsing internet are allowing developers and webmasters to introduce the innovative technique that can increase the user experience of their site or app on multiple mobile devices.

Since the introduction of HTML5, it becomes super-easy to create a site that can run smoothly on different devices and mobile platforms. HTML5 allows you to create the responsive site that works swiftly on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and a lot more, without any heavy lifting.

5. Well-organized content

HTML5 comes with new and a lot easier tags that enable developers to organize the content in more engaging manner. Some of the new syntaxes added with this technology, including <header>, <footer>, <aside>, <embed>, <nav>, <section>, <sidebar>, and <article>.

Besides, making the content more engaging and accessible, the tool also offers contextual information to the search engines. This allows Google and other search engines to easy read and index the content that can boost the ranking of your site on search engine platforms.


Over 60 percent of web developers are developing their web projects using HTML5 technology. This new-age tool allows them to create a highly-scalable, reliable and interactive web based mobile app from the scratch. With the use of HTML5, you can showcase your innovative approach towards designing and developing web based mobile apps.

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