5 Secure Pieces of Remote Access Software

One of the best things that modern technology provided us with is the fact that we are no longer place- reliant. Our accounts can be accessed from any terminal on the planet as long as we have a correct username and password. On the other hand, these accounts are not the only thing we can access from afar.

Remote Work

With the right third party program, we can even use our devices at home while we are half a world away.

However, this raises another question, the one of security of these programs. Speaking of this, here are five most reliable pieces of remote access software you can use.

1. LogMeIn

This particular tool is probably the flagship of remote access software. LogMeIn allows you to access your computer from any device and, in this way always, keep your work at your fingertips. The speed and file-sharing options that LogMeIn offers are simply unparalleled and so is the security of transferred files.

Additionally, the very fact that it is multilingual helps it a great deal on various local markets. In other words, it is no surprise that this particular software is used. It’s only downsides are the lack of the live chat service, as well as the fact that its free service is slowly dying out.

2. SecureLink

The most useful appliance of the remote access software is the fact that it can help IT experts solve the troubles of customers, without having to visit them in person. Tech providers need a fast and powerful tool, while security and accountability are all that interests their clients.

SecureLink can make both of these things happen. Apart from this, SecureLink can help entrepreneurs standardize all the remote support they use onto a single platform and effectively control remote access. It can also efficiently track all activity that takes place on their network.

3. TeamViewer

Imagine if you went on vacation and your parents’ PC malfunctioned. You could either stoically withstand dozens of messages incoming every day, or simply find a way to fix it remotely. If you decide to go with the second option, TeamViewer is probably the software you should turn to.

Since it is made to help out complete laymen, it is extremely easy to setup. Once it is put to use, it allows two users to decide which computer has control. To sum up, if you are looking for something quick, reliable and easy to use, TeamViewer is your safest bet.

4. ScreenConnect

Another piece of software that was made with the IT support in mind, ScreenConnect, is efficient and offers a whole array of advanced security solutions. Unfortunately, it is not as user-friendly as some would expect it to be.
Establishing a session may be quite problematic if the other party isn’t well versed in these technical issues. On the other hand, the feature ScreenConnect can pride itself with the most is the fact that it can be useful to both personal users and IT companies alike.

5. GoToMyPc

When speaking about user friendliness, GoToMyPc is one of the simplest programs ever made. Even its name is extremely self-explanatory. This program has a variety of tools for collaboration and telecommuting.

Finally, when it comes to the overall security, most of its rules and policies can be adjusted to your needs. Its greatest downside is that some of the features are limited for Mac and tablet users. Seeing how it also comes with a free trial, one can decide whether or not this software is worth it on their own.


Of course, this is not all and there are always some honorable mentions like Splashtop, RealVNC and NoMachine. One more thing is important to mention, all of the abovementioned software have different versions so it would be irrational to compare a VIP version of one tool to a free one of another.

Also, as you could already see, each of these tools have their own purpose and, while some are made for larger enterprises, others are better for situational use. After all, it comes down to your particular needs.

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