Common Mistakes To Avoid In Content Marketing

Content marketing is a strategic marketing method focused on the creation and distribution of quality, relevant, and reliable content. Its purpose is to attract and retain a clearly-defined target audience and, ultimately, drive profitable customer action.

Common Mistakes To Avoid In Content Marketing

Simply put, content marketing is an ongoing process of connecting with your target market by delivering valuable information to them, so they begin to gain interest in your products or services and trust your brand, eventually buying them without you having to explicitly sell to them.

Content marketing, if done the right way can benefit your business with loyal customers and an ever-increasing market reach. Here are some content marketing mistakes to avoid so you can ensure that your business is on the right track towards SEO success:

Mistake #1: Not Using Outreach Tools

It’s not enough to offer quality content, you will also need to promote it to the right audience. If you want your content to get noticed, you need it to go viral. Pitchbox is a crawl and outreach automation tool that allows you to immensely scale outreach without losing human touch. Start by creating the template for your outreach campaign then fill in the personalization fields so each power user interaction is personal.

Mistake #2: Wrong Keyword Research

Or no keyword research at all. SEO keywords are what makes it possible for search engines to notice your page and make it accessible to your target audience when they perform an online search, so it is very important to determine the right keywords that will help you attract the right audience, which is your target market. There are several online tools, such as Google Adwords Keyword Tool and KeywordSpy, to help you determine the keywords that are best for your business, industry, and niche.

Mistake #3: Incorrect Page Redirects

Avoid losing valuable page authority while moving your site content by making sure that you are 301 redirecting and not 302, which is a temporary redirect that passes no link authority. Always double-check your redirects to make sure that your work gets its much-deserved and well-earned recognition from Google.

Mistake #4: Forgetting the Metrics

Take it from Peter Drucker who said, “What gets measured gets managed.” Metrics are your key to knowing what works and what does not.  Before you do anything, begin by measuring the baseline. Check the number of links you currently have on your site, know your current domain authority, and determine the current count of your fans or followers on social media, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and so on. Doing this give you a sense of the type of response to expect, reachable milestones, and future goals. Next, track changes in your campaign during the launch and promotion stage and observe which efforts have resulted in the most impact.

You can get more things done with your content marketing without having to add so much time and effort when you involve SEO into your content marketing strategy. It is also a good investment to sign up for an SEO training course to learn more about the best practices in search engine optimization.

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