What You Should Consider in an Application Monitoring Tool

The benefits of implementing an application monitoring tool are numerous and enticing. They range from being able to improve productivity and reducing time spent in fire drills to improved customer satisfaction. However, implementing these tools is not like every other rollout. You have to make careful choices. There are a couple of considerations you will have to make for you to achieve the best results.

Application Monitoring Tool


The first thing you need to do is determine how far and how deep you want the monitoring tool software to go. This is what will affect all the aspects of your rollout. To determine the scope, you have to ask the following questions:

  • Do you want to monitor all your applications or just the data center?
  • Are you interested in the development, test or the quality assurance systems?
  • Are you concerned about the virtual elements such as host resource consumption by the virtual machine, security, storage, log files and other custom applications?

The key is to make a list of the things you want the application monitoring tools software to do. Work with your IT team to better understand their plight. Doing a few online searches will further help you.

Protocols and Permissions

Just like with network monitoring, there are several protocols used in application monitoring. It is up to you to pick the method that is ideal for you. Make sure the method you select is comprehensive in that it monitors all the aspects you wish to look at. It is also important for you to remember that different monitoring methods use different access schemes.


When considering connectivity and scalability, you need to consider the architecture of the tools you want to use. There are agent-based platforms which use on-device agents to collect as well as store the data locally. The collected data is then forwarded at intervals. Understand the connectivity architecture of the tool you plan on using. Additionally, before picking an application monitoring tools with RightitNow software, ensure the tool has a great load and that your applications will tolerate it.

Reputable tool

The whole idea of investing in an application monitoring tool is to improve the performance of your applications by being able to predict issues. It therefore makes no sense to invest in a tool that does not give you the data you need to comprehensively monitor your applications.

Prior to making your purchase, start by looking at the reputation of your target tool. Are most of the reviews you find on it positive or negative? Too many negative reviews are a red flag. You should also not be afraid to talk to friends who have used monitoring tools. They will give you some insight on how to get the perfect software for your IT needs.

Making these considerations will help you avoid most of the missteps of picking an application monitoring tool. Never choose an app for its looks but for its performance. You need to ask the vendors the right questions and liaise with your IT team in order to find the monitoring tool that will be ideal for your applications.

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Leon Adato is the technical product marketing manager at Solar Winds. Having worked with numerous monitoring tools, he recommends using the application monitoring tools with RightitNow Software. Follow him on LinkedIn.

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