Big Business = Big Data: Six Better Virtual Organization Tips

While in years past, files were organized physically in file cabinets, today’s office looks much different.

As more companies go paperless, they must find ways to organize data online and digitally.

Big Business - Big Data

Whether its employees in the field, or multiple offices worldwide, here are six ways big data can be virtually organized for a better and more efficiently run company.

1. Use the Cloud

One of the biggest modern trends in business today, cloud computing can organize data in ways unheard of only a few years ago. For many larger businesses, automating their data center into a cloud helps them operate more efficiently and save tremendous amounts of time and money since everything can be accessed from online. One of the biggest advantages of cloud computing is the ability to increase data usage instantly, making the process much easier and cost-effective.

2. Increase Network Security

One of the best ways to make sure data is better organized is to increase network security. For companies dealing with sensitive data such as patient records, implementing security measures such as increased firewalls or password protection can allow data to be organized and secured much more efficiently. Your business’ network is a lifeline, and taking steps to better secure it is paramount to having a better run company.

3. Take Advantage of Apps

For businesses with employees and offices spread throughout the world, apps have become a great way to stay organized. Not only can files be better organized, but they can also be shared among employees. Some of the most popular apps in use today include DropBox, PrimaDesk, and SkyDrive. Whether it’s organizing email from different providers, or editing files from a smartphone or tablet, these apps are a perfect example of making things more accessible for all employees worldwide. If your organization has the resources, you can even hire or have current employees educated with an online master’s degree in computer science to help develop and maintain your very own customized app. This makes your whole system a lot more efficient and tailored to what you do.

4. Intelligent Shortcuts

By making shortcuts of specific files or folders, a company can keep the original file in one place and gain access to it with only one click, increasing efficiency for all departments. These simple computer shortcuts are easy to make and can help to streamline all your departments.

5. Сreate folders by project type

One of the most common mistakes made by big business is making their online and digital filing so complicated it becomes inefficient. Rather than having files in one giant directory, it’s better to create folders by project type to ensure they can be easily found.

6. Realign Projects

In order to allow continual collaboration among all employees, it’s best to realign projects to avoid point-by-point collaboration. This not only keeps projects on schedule, but also allows for data to be organized through virtual private clouds that are cost-efficient and provide divided user space.

By implementing these tips into a business, it becomes a virtual lock on the big data your big business produces, and will be much better organized. Use these and other ideas to get set up for online and digital success with how your data is organized.

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