Six Gadgets Pushing the Envelope in Healthcare Today

The advancement of internet-based and wireless technology is breathing new life into nearly all business operations including the healthcare industry.

As healthcare information increases its advancement in electronic and office-based technology, some gadgets have been made available to improve lifestyle and office processes.

Healthcare Today

Doctors and physicians who stay up-to-date with new technology trends increase the value of their services and make patient experiences much better. Here are some of the best options offered in today’s clinics.

Telecare BGM

This is a cellular-enabled meter that measures the levels of glucose in patients. The Telecare BGM notes the blood sugar levels in a diabetic patient and transmits the results wirelessly to a cloud-based server. The data is then sent to the patient’s doctor, family members, and any other authorized caregiver automatically. This gadget has been accepted for use by the CDC (Centers of Disease Control and Prevention) to reduce the burden of physicians.

MedProID Practitioner Database

This database system contains all the information of over fifteen million healthcare providers around the country and in Puerto Rico. It mainly contains information about a healthcare providers’ license status, license history, and client eligibility and sample ability. This information is sourced from authorized State Licensing Boards in every state. The data is then stored in the MedPro Systems database. This database has helped in reducing the use of counterfeit drugs and many use WebID practitioner license verification to be sure their providers have the correct credentials.

Google Glass

Google has made great efforts to put their hands in every new technology. The Google Glass product is a spectacle worn and used perfectly in any industry including the healthcare field. Doctors can easily access patients’ records, check their patients’ vitals, and share what they are viewing during surgery with other doctors through their glasses. The possibilities are only just surfacing, and more and more doctors are looking into how they can use them in their careers.


This gadget is pocket-sized and has ultrasound features to enable doctors to scan and view systems of the body including the cardiac, fetal, abdominal, thoracic, and other body organs. This gadget has made it possible to reduce the time doctors would normally have taken to make a decision after x-ray results. It has also reduced the need for conducting unnecessary tests.

Wasp Barcode Scanner

The WWS450H Wasp 2D healthcare barcode scanner is used by many physicians today to eliminate cluttered codes that communicate wirelessly with the database. This enables the physicians to scan 1D and 2D codes accurately and easily. It’s perfect for supplies as well as other records.

The ECG Monitor

The ECG system has a heart monitoring device that is connected to a mobile phone application where patients can record the ECG readings. The readings are then relayed to the patients’ doctor. Through the physician’s application, a doctor can monitor the ECG of a patient closely and remotely. The doctor can then check the trends of the results and act in case of an emergency.

Medical gadgets and applications have proved to be invaluable to many healthcare providers and patients. As technology advances, it is estimated that the use of such gadgets will increase to almost every aspect of the healthcare practice.

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