Spend Less Time On Social Media Growth and More Time on Email List Growth

Social Media Is Where Your Customers Are

You have Twitter account, Facebook profile, Facebook page, Facebook group, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, Youtube… I’m already out of breath just listing them and we are just scratching the surface. Social media is all the buzz but, is it really helping you out? It is really helping you grow your business? You might be surprised at what is really going on, and I’m going to point out a few reasons why you might be wasting too much time managing your social media accounts.

Social Media vs Email Marketing


The problem is that when you are on a social media platform that platform is not yours and you do not own that data.

Sure you ran Facebook ads and got 2,000 people to “like” your page, but now you are limited to communicating with those new fans. If you want them to really see your content you now have to pay more money to boost your post.

Consider this, what happens when you spent all of your time trying to grow those social media accounts and they lose popularity? Think about when MySpace was around, everyone and their mother was on there until Facebook became the new big thing. You might have spent thousands of dollars getting likes on your page, and now people have gone dormant. You now have to switch over to a new platform and start from the ground up.

Focus on Getting Users Over to your Website

When you post on social media, they might have 100+ posts before yours and they won’t even see your update. When you email, it will get to their personal inbox and they will see it and choose to open it or ignore it. But, being able to have the power of choice is better than missing the opportunity all together.

If you have already put a lot of effort into making yourself known on social media it is time to make sure you can drive those users over to your website, and start collecting email addresses so you can grow your list and own your own data. Getting users to actually leave a social media platform to go over to your website is a little tricky but let’s cover a few tips.

  1. Facebook Page – If you want to get fans of your Facebook page over to your domain you need to offer something unique to your users. For example, a free mini course, ebook, infographic etc. Then create a unique landing page which makes the offer look exclusive to your FB fans. Create multiple graphics and post them to your FB page every other day with the link to the same landing page. You should start to see email signups trickle in and you can measure it by having that unique link for FB users only and see how many signups that generates for you.
  2. Instagram – Instagram is a place where conversations happen, and people are quick to respond. This is one of my personal favorite platforms. My strategy here would be posting your landing page link in your BIO, and every few images that you post throw in one about joining your email list to “get something special”. Then in the photo caption ask them to click the link in your bio. Stay consistent because people will start to wonder what you have in your link if they never clicked it before.
  3. Twitter – Twitter is a popular place for sharing content and links so this is a little bit easier to expand your brand awareness. Regularly link to blog posts but create unique URLs so that you can track and identify how many users are coming in from Twitter. If you are sharing good pieces of content there make sure in the links you are putting out you have many opportunities for yours to join your email list. I would also recommend you provide an incentive for users to join your email list here as well. You can do this by putting a unique landing page link in your bio which will give them access to some kind of digital download. Then also Tweet about that “freebie” every few days.

Email Marketing Gets You More Results

Email Marketing


Once you start growing your list, you now have more control over communicating with your customers. It’s also a fact that people subscribed to your email list are more likely to purchase something you are promoting through email.

So you should focus on getting as many email subscribers on your list rather than number of followers on your twitter account.

Still skeptic that email marketing won’t stand up to social media results? One blogger tried this experiment and the results were shocking. He had 20,000 followers on his twitter account and 50,000 email subscriber’s. He posted a photo with a URL to twitter, and he narrowed his email send to 20k and sent an email which had the same photo that linked to the same article. In the twitter post he ended up getting about 300 clicks, yet on the email list he got 4,200 clicks!

This goes to show why building your email list is much more important than just growing your numbers on social media. In conclusion, don’t give up on your social media efforts just try to focus on getting more people off social media and into your website. Maybe make it your goal to try to convert as many new social media followers into email subscribers as you can.

About The Author

Krista Barrack is an email verification specialist at XVerify (www.xverify.com) . She helps digital marketers improve email campaign success through data verification. Outside of the office, Krista also enjoys traveling, fitness, reading, and listening to podcasts.

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  1. I believe that both of these two are equally important and effective for almost any type of business. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing techniques and delivers one of the best ROI, but at the same time Social Media gets the visibility, helps in branding and creating awareness that help businesses in long run.

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