A savvy data erasure conveyor at a bargain price

KillDisk Desktop comes with an extensive feature pack on its board allowing you to easily destroy data on your hard drives. The application supports a multitude of sanitation standards, including US DoD and HIPAA, and allows you to run wiping out procedures in a fully automatic mode. A combination of the most demanding features, simply stunning performance and unmatched affordability makes KillDisk Desktop a top choice when it comes to any type of disk erasure requirements. Finally, the budget hardware segment welcomes a solid product, so much anticipated by SMBs, and looking attractive even for the highest corporate level. So here’s what it has in store.

Data deletion from 5 drives at once

Erase the data from up to 5 hard drives at a time in manual or automatic mode – as soon as the drive is plugged in. Setting up the deletion process has never been easier.

Deleting data once and for all

If you kill it, there’s literally no way back. KillDisk desktop leaves no traces at all, supporting a broad variety of international data deletion standards.

Monitor your HDD functioning

Make use of SMART monitor, HEX Viewer, bad sectors analysis tool and dozens of other features to track the health of your drive quickly and effortlessly whenever you need it most.

Create reports and certificates

Yet another savvy feature that allows you to issue certificates (with a bunch of sharing options) and generate reports when needed. You may even upgrade your order with a brand-new, pre-configured laser printer at a reasonable price.

The ‘all-inclusive’ benefits

When you order a complete package, getting straight into deletion business is a matter of minutes for unboxing. The preset system enables you to start wiping out data instantly, monitoring the performance status via LCD panel and run or adjust the process via straightforward button controls menu. Looking for an extra GUI control? Connect a monitor and access another customizability layer.

So here’s the breakdown of the most essential features:

1. Erasing data from up to 5 HDDs or SSDs simultaneously
2. Data erasure reliability backed by a dozen of international standards supported
3. Erasing data from external drives connected via USB and eSATA ports
4. Monitoring your drive’s performance by observing stability and bad sectors scanning tools
5. Performing a variety of functions in a fully automated mode
6. Utilizing hot-swap functionality allowing to wipe out data as quickly as your hard drive is mounted
7. Running the system through a simple, yet well thought-out LCM panel
8. Getting access to an auxiliary layer of configuration by connecting an external monitor

KillDisk Desktop works like a clockwork – this is where the old good hardware leaves its software analogs far behind, maintaining the low price at the same time. It’s a brilliant handy tool that does what it is supposed to in a fast, headache-free way. Whether you are relying on its physical interface, or looking to get even deeper control, there’s no doubt KillDisk Desktop is one of those very few solutions that really worth the investments. Should you give it a try? Definitely, yes.

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