Business Technology Trends for 2017

These days, technology seems to be evolving at a fast pace. It’s constantly changing and improving, making our lives easier. We adopt certain technologies and trends so fast, we don’t even know how we functioned without them.

As smart devices get even smarter, they allow us to stay connected to everyone, all the time.

This is especially convenient for businesses that want to stay connected with their consumers. To stay relevant, businesses must follow certain technological trends as they appear. They must adopt them and implement them to improve themselves. So, which technology trends should businesses keep an eye out in 2017?

Business Technology Trends for 2017


Today, it is hard to imagine a business that doesn’t accept credit cards. The good news is that the cost of making payments is going to drop even more in 2017. Alongside PayPal, we now have Apple Pay, Google Pay and numerous other payment methods. The idea of making payments with your smartphone is one of the biggest trends out there. You can pay your bills with a simple snapshot with your phone, you can even reverse a transaction by e-mail.

Google recently bought Softcard, and turned it into Google Pay. Samsung did the same thing to LoopPay. Apple said that Apple pay accounts for 2 out of every 3 dollars spent with their paying solution. Daily, retailers adopt payment systems from bigger companies.

An App for your business

Dedicated mobile applications are not only for big companies anymore. People use their smartphones throughout the day, why not use that to your business’s advantage. By creating a mobile app for your business, you offer better support and provide information to your customers. Platforms like Appy Pie and Microsoft’s PowerApps allow people to create mobile apps easily. The platforms are easy to use, so even unskilled users can create an app for their business with ease.
An App for your business
It is possible to implement voice and video communication into your app. This allows better communication with your customers. This means a customer can show your representatives the problem through video chat. The ability to do this gives you an edge over your competitors.


Not all businesses have great security. Small businesses and cloud service providers don’t go the distance for providing optimal security to their consumers. Emails can be hacked, while employee phones are unprotected and websites are vulnerable. After personal data exposure of approximately 15 million T-Mobile’s users, companies are trying to improve their security and protect their customer’s information. Statistics from White Hat, a security company, have shown that nearly 86 percent of all websites tested are vulnerable to security breaches.

It comes as no surprise, that one of the biggest trends in the upcoming year will be improving security and protecting customer’s private data. Technology can’t help with bad memory, so if you lost keys to your home or office, better have a number to the best locksmith in Macquarie park.


Almost every business is using the cloud in one way or another, approximately 93 percent. Cloud technology allows systems to connect and reduces maintenance. Over the past several years, there was a huge expansion of cloud technology usage, but it is expected to see an increase in usage during the next year. It is believed that businesses will start using cloud to put their systems online and continue this trend of cloud computing.
It’s important for businesses to keep up with the constantly evolving technology. Otherwise they might lose the edge over their competitors and see their customer numbers decline. Therefore, it is important to follow technology trends and try to implement them into businesses as fast as possible.

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